I was always interested in photography as a kid, but prioritized math and science class in high school instead of taking the photography class that was offered. When I booked a trip to Iceland in May 2016, I decided to buy my Nikon D3300 to start my photography adventure. I’m an amateur photographer mostly sharing pictures of my travels around the globe including Canada’s capital.

The best piece of advice I’ve received since starting my journey is to practice and spend time with your camera. You can buy the most expensive piece of equipment there is but unless you know how to use it, you won’t get the pictures you want. I’ve slowly added pieces to my camera bag over the years and I’ll share my experiences on the blog.

The photography community in Ottawa has been so supportive and inspiring for me and I hope to provide some inspiration to others: whether it’s a new location to shoot; tips on travel photography or inspiring you to go somewhere new, I love sharing my adventures here!