In the past few years I’ve become invested in my health. A weight gain made me realize I wasn’t living a lifestyle that made me happy so it was time for a change. I added in a structured fitness regime – the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. If you’re on Instagram you may have seen her transformation photos.

The first year (2015) I did great for the first five months (lost 10 pounds) but then I moved for the summer and got off track. Fitting in soccer, cycling and the gym made it hard to stay on the schedule BBG requires and I gained a few pounds back. Once the summer ended I was going to the gym and lifting weights but not seeing any progress.

The second year (2016) I restarted BBG and worked on my eating habits. This went great and I lost another few pounds until I sprained my ankle falling off my bike on my way to work. I went down the rabbit hole for a few months while I went to physiotherapy but couldn’t do my regular routine. This was really hard for me since I was so focused on weight loss and every workout I missed made it harder for me to stay on the weight loss train. By the end of 2016 I had lost a total of 10 pounds since starting out in 2015.

My third year (2017) I started taking a real interest in my health, I’ve changed my mindset. Rather than focusing on weight loss I’m focusing on my mental health. Exercise makes me feel good. Yoga helps my muscles and mind relax. I enjoy the feeling of getting stronger. Eating healthy rather than restricting my diet is a positive outlook. Saying “I want/don’t want to eat this” rather than “I have to eat this” or “I am not allowed to eat this” makes a huge difference. If I miss a workout I won’t beat myself up over it. If I have an extra cheat meal, I’ll try to do better the following week. If I go for a 60 minute walk (low intensity) or a 60 minute soccer game (high intensity), I count them both as cardio and don’t think one is better than the other. Rather than sitting in front of the TV, I’ll get up and go for a walk, read a book, socialize or get crafty.

My weight loss journey has morphed from a focus on weight to a sustainable lifestyle – a healthier, happier, lighter me.