I’m an active Canadian engineer trying to see the world through a different lens. Passportunities is my creative outlet for all things travel and photography, which go hand-in-hand in my adventures. While I look forward to international trips, I also love exploring locally and supporting my own Canadian economy. I’ve caught the travel bug and don’t like to stay stationary for too long. I almost always have 2 or 3 small or big trips coming up and love the planning side of travelling. I’m here to do all the leg work for you!

My preferred method of travel is budget travel: spending a minimal amount of money for maximum enjoyment! Occasionally I may splurge on an outing but overall you’ll see me staying in hostels, finding free activities that are just as good (or sometimes better) than paid attractions and enjoying cheap, local cuisine. I’m that friend who tells you it’s within walking distance and then walk an hour to get there to see what’s along the way. I’ll always have my Nikon D3300 handy as well as my iPhone (which takes phenomenal photos these days).

Day-to-day you’ll find me working full-time in a job I love, spending time with friends and family, and cuddling with my fur-companion Charlie. I enjoy being active: whether it’s outdoors hiking, kayaking, biking or playing soccer; or indoors enjoying a Barre class or hot yoga session, I love to keep my body moving! Other hobbies including cross-stitching, painting, photography (of course) and exploring.

Thanks for following along on my adventures and I hope to inspire you to get out there on your own! For collaborations, email passportunities@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.