Day Trip Inspiration | Cornwall

Woman in a yellow dress and a blue dress in front of a blue and yellow building

Cornwall, Ontario is a city in Eastern Ontario, located on the St. Lawrence River with an international bridge crossing to the United States. It is the biggest city in the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Cornwall Ontario to Montreal Quebec is a 1.5 hour drive, Ottawa to Cornwall is about 1 hour and Cornwall is 4 hours from Toronto (on the way to Montreal). There are a number of things to do in Cornwall so read on for a quick day trip or an Ontario staycation!

Waterfront Trail

Cornwall’s Waterfront Trail is a dedicated paved multi-use trail that spans the city’s entire waterfront. You can rent bikes at Marina 200, (parking is available) or you can bring your own bicycle. The Cornwall Waterfront Trail is part of the 3,600 km Great Lakes Waterfront Trail network, traversing across Ontario. Cornwall is a popular stop for long distance cyclists travelling from Toronto (or beyond) to Montreal. For those of us who enjoy cycling but shorter distances, a popular route for cyclists is to drive to Morrisburg, hop on the Waterfront Trail and bike off-road to Cornwall for the day (a 45 km one-way trip). For the most scenic route, take a detour along the Long Sault Parkway (adds an additional 2 km).

Stop for a picnic in Lamoureux Park

Lamoureux Park was named after Lucien Lamoureux, a former Member of Parliament for the Cornwall area and Speaker of the House of Commons from 1966 to 1974. The park is in downtown Cornwall along the river and is a great stop for families, or a picnic. It’s also where outdoor events, such as Canada Day festivities and Ribfest, are located.

Lancaster Wharf

The Wharf in Lancaster, Ontario is a 20 minute drive (or 1.5 hour bike) from downtown Cornwall and is another great stop for a picnic, or to hangout and take photos. It can be described as a much smaller Brighton Bathing Boxes in Melbourne, Australia. Bring contrasting outfits for the most Instagrammable photos!

Stomping Grounds Bistro

Built in the old Cotton Mill District is the Stomping Grounds Bistro. The bistro has a fantastic vibe with exposed brick walls, wood beams and a restored wood floor with big comfy red chairs bathed in natural light from the large windows. Stop for a tea, coffee or something stronger!

Shopping and Dinner on Pitt Street

The Happy Popcorn Co. opened in 2019 and sells fresh gourmet popcorn in a variety of unique and fun flavours. Shop at Crush Lane for jewelry or the Squire Shop for men’s clothing, respectively. Pamper yourself at Pure Organic Spa or the Loft Salon. Eat at Truffles Burger Bar, Esca Gourmet Pizza or Table 21 (oysters and steak bar).

Pedicab Tour

The Pedicab tour is a velo cab/rickshaw operated by a local who gives a wonderful history lesson of Cornwall, stopping within Lamoureux Park and along the Waterfront Trail. Tours are $40 for a 40 minute tour of the park and waterfront and the pedicab fits up to 2 people.

Pedicab tour with tour guide in the front and a blue sky in the background

Stay at Chesley’s Inn

If you’re looking for an Ontario Staycation, stay at the Chesley’s Inn Bed & Breakfast. Hamish is the resident pupper and is the cutest host!

BONUS: Sunny Fields of Gold

If you’re visiting Cornwall during Sunflower season, stop of the Sunny Fields of Gold in Monkland (20 minutes north of Cornwall). Unique photography opportunities and paths through sunflowers taller than the average person makes for a perfect stop!

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