Six Ways to Stay Active While Travelling

Ottawa biplane adventure aerial of Ottawa fall colours

I love being active and two of my New Years resolutions are to increase the number of ways I move throughout my day (go for a walk daily and take the stairs). I personally love walking EVERYWHERE when travelling which makes it easy for me to get my blood pumping throughout the day. I thought I’d share a few helpful tips to get you moving as well.

1. Take the stairs

Even though I’m working on making this part of my regular routine, taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator is a simple way to get those steps in and get moving. I know, sometimes you have an extra bag (or two, or three) that makes it more difficult but if you don’t, this is an easy one! (Unless you’re like me and start taking the stairs from the 4th lower subway level but are committed to taking the stairs and get to the top so completely winded it’s embarrassing).

2. Use Active Transportation to Get Around

Active transportation is a word used for any human-powered modes of travel such as walking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, etc. Rather than taking a car or a taxi somewhere, pick a few things in your day to walk to to get a few extra steps in. Even walking to public transit to take the bus or train is a good way to get moving.

Try to give yourself limits such as “if it takes less than 30 minutes by foot, walk”. It may motivate you to walk a little more! Or, walk there and get a drive back. You’ll also save a little on the cost of transportation.


3. Go for a Run 

To be honest, running is NOT my thing but I recognize it’s a great way to see the local sights. If you enjoy heading out early, you can enjoy these spots all to yourself! Best of all, it’s free!

4. Take a Class or Go on a Tour

You can also check out local activities to do such as a free walking tour (there are tons in Europe), a wine tour on a bike, go for a hike, yoga in a park, or even a belly dancing class! There are tons of experiences you can have locally or internationally that also gets your heart pumping.


5. Do a 15-minute Workout in your Hotel

This could be running a flight of stairs a few times, finding a short workout on Pinterest or just doing your own thing for 15 minutes in your hotel/hostel/airbnb etc. Or, even better if your hotel has a gym or a pool – make extra use of it!

6. Do Yoga in the Park or on the Beach

This one requires you to be a little more bold and shameless but if you’re travelling during the summer, it’s a nice way to get outside and move. I love the Down Dog app or even this website (you can download the videos as audio for a small fee) if you don’t know yoga flows off the top of your head (I definitely don’t!).

One Final Tip

Stretching after doing any sort of activity is great, but have you ever foam rolled? It’s magical but unfortunately foam rollers are large and bulky and not great to travel with. Say hello to your next best friend: the lacrosse ball (or yoga tune-up balls). The balls are small and easy to bring with you and can help your roll out all those pesky sore spots such as the bottom of your feet or your upper back (from carrying around your backpack all day). If you do yourself one favour this year, this should be it!

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