The Yellow Coat: Best Travel Accessory You Didn’t Know You Need

Ithaca Taughanock Waterfall


When I first started my Instagram account, I spent hours “discovering” other people’s photos. (Let’s be honest though, I still spend hours drooling over other people’s accounts.). My favourite photos by far are the ones with standout jackets so I immediately purchased a yellow jacket from Amazon.

I still use the coat for cycling and hiking but found it was not waterproof or bright enough for the photos I wanted. I found this one on sale at Aritzia and purchased it after a bit of hesitation (did I need another yellow jacket??). However, it turns out it was a perfect purchase since it’s been such a versatile piece: I wore it under my wool jacket for my trip to the Netherlands and Germany, brought it to Iceland in February to stand out against the waterfalls, wore it for waterfalls again at Princess Louise Falls and Taughanock Falls, wear it hiking around Ottawa/Gatineau and on days when I want a little extra warmth!

I love the contrast of the yellow against almost every backdrop because it really stands out (don’t you agree?!). As you can see, I typically wear it with a pair of black leggings and boots/runners.

This picture was taken by my talented friend Ben
I tried a 10-second timer at the Dark Hedges
The yellow jacket at Giant’s Causeway
Iceland (one of my best performing photos on Instragram to date)
Hiking in Gatineau Park
Ruins in Gatineau Park


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