Best Travel Packing List

*Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you. All opinions expressed are my own and items have been previously purchased by myself.

Me: Let me tell you about what I need when I travel.

Having the right gear for you when travelling makes life so much easier. I’m sharing what I consider essentials on my trips. Let me know what you can’t live without in the comments below!

I have this camera backpack* from Amazon and it’s been amazing so far. It fits as a “personal item” for airlines, keeps my camera gear separate from my other items and is lightweight itself. The price is reasonable compared to other “camera backpacks” I could find. I wanted this bag which has an RFID safe pocket, is slash proof, easily accessibly side compartment for the camera but at more than twice the price I couldn’t justify it.

I have an RFID Passport Holder. (RFID scanners can identify and store information from items such as chipped passports and credit cards.)

I have a Passport and Document holder similar to this one and it’s been great so far! Some tours require a printed ticket so I organize all those files before travelling and keep them in this wallet/passport holder/etc.

A few other travel essentials are:
1. Portable charger. It’s the worst when you have to wait in your hotel/hostel for something to charge or when your phone dies while you’re out and about.
2. This packable towel. Not all hostels have towels or some you have to rent! This is perfect in either case.
3. Inflatable Travel Pillow. I never understood the need for a pillow until I recently could NOT get comfortable on the plane. I discovered how essential these are in that case.
4. Universal Travel Charger. A MUST if you do any international travelling.
5. Shower Shoes. These mesh ones are compact and dry quickly.
6. Eye mask. You can pick one up anywhere!
7. Everything in travel size. Shampoo, face wash, tooth paste, make-up etc. (see my post here on being more eco-friendly when travelling).
8. Hand sanitizer and sanitzing wipes (airplanes are icky.)

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