Eco-Friendlier Travel

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ICYMI, harmful single use plastics have always been bad for the environment but social activism has raised awareness for the general public to demand the ban of items such as plastic bags and straws. I never thought of myself as a huge consumer until I went on my last trip and realized I use a lot of items while travelling that I wouldn’t at home: buying water in plastic bottles, throwing out travel sized packaging when I was done with it, etc.

I’ve recently been working on my habits at home to reduce my impact on the environment and thought I’d share some of my changes, as well as ones I plan to do in the future!

Here are some of my recommendations:

  1. Bring a reuseable water bottle. I love my S’well because it is leak proof and I don’t have to worry about my electronics but any type of reusable bottle will do.
  2. Reusable cotton pads. I’ve just picked these up from Amazon and they’ve been great so far for removing makeup or applying toner.
  3. Reusable travel-size containers. I’ve noticed that many of my travel size items are not reusable (i.e. cannot put new product in the bottle) so I’ve picked these up for future use.
  4. Skip the plastic all together with these Bite toothpaste pieces.
  5. If you plan on purchasing souvenirs, bring a bigger bag (or a second bag) to pack them in, rather than shipping separately.
  6. Recycle where possible. Think about the item you’re disposing and if it can be recycled rather than thrown in the trash.
  7. Use technology where possible – don’t print boarding passes or travel documents BUT I recommend having a portable charger so you’re not stuck without the information you need. (Additionally, if you’re travelling with other people, email them the documents you need in case your phone dies)
  8. Reusable luggage tags. They are more durable than the paper ones you can get at the bus station/airport. I picked mine up from Indigo for $5 on sale and there are tons of options on Amazon.
  9. Pack snacks. Instead of grabbing the airplane snacks or individually packaged snacks, bring them in reusable containers/bags like these ones.

What eco-friendly tips do you have for a fellow traveller? Leave a comment below!


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