Parc Omega Canada

Parc Omega Quebec Birds of Prey Eagle

I visited Parc Omega with my friend Ben and two others this Sunday for the second time ever. It’s less than an hour drive from Ottawa and such a fun wildlife park! The park is open year round and if you can get a Groupon it’s even better.

This time around I rented a 200-500 mm lens for my camera from Ruckify. A tip to my future self is to use the lens before heading out for the “event” I want it for. It took some getting used to: between changing the zoom and the focus while simultaneously trying to track the wildlife was difficult! I enjoyed the challenge and think I got a few great shots but there’s always ways to improve for next time.

I brought my camera and camera bag this time round. I don’t typically bring my whole bag with me but I need to start! I’ve been caught a few times recently without my camera/other lenses and wish I had it.

Parc Omega

Fee: $35 at the gate. If you can get a groupon or buy your ticket online, you can get a discount!
Time: Changes per season.
Bring: Carrots. (You can buy them at the visitors centre but I’m all about budgeting).
Parking: N/A. You’ll need to drive your vehicle around the park (or you can rent a golf cart in the summer).
Location: Montebello, Quebec

Upon entering the gate, you’ll receive a safety pamphlet and map of the park. The park itself is well signed with the route and animals but the map is fun to have.

There is a Birds of Prey demonstration as well as Feeding the Wolves at scheduled times of the day. Check out their website and arrive early – it gets busy!

Without further ado, here are some of the shots I got on Sunday!


Have you been to Parc Omega? What is your favourite animal at the park?

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