Prince Edward County 2019

Prince Edward County Sunsets

(I did a quick planning post here). I had a great time visiting the County and completing another successful MS Bike. Before I jump into the summary of my weekend, I wanted to share a bit more about the MS Bike. Canada has one of the highest rates of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the world with “approximately 1 in every 385 Canadians living with the disease. Researchers funded by the MS Society are working to find the cause of MS, develop better treatments with less side effects, and ultimately cure the disease for everyone who is affected by it” ¹. The MS Bike is a fundraiser put on by the MS Society to raise awareness and money for research. I ride with coworkers and this has been my third year.

Day 1: Exultet, Rehabilitation Ranch, Waupoos Eatery
Day 2: Lavender Festival, Wineries, MS Bike Dinner and Lake on the Mountain
Day 3: MS Bike, Lake on the Mountain

Day 1: Exultet, Rehabilitation Ranch, Waupoos Eatery

I’d originally thought I booked Lake on the Mountain for Friday and Saturday but TURNS OUT when I sent the confirmation to my friend last week SHE realized I’d booked it for Saturday and Sunday. Whoops! So, Casey scrambled to find us a place for Friday night so we could spend a decent amount of time in the County.

I met my friend Casey in the County at Exultet as our first stop to grab a bottle of wine for the evening before heading to dinner. (The wineries are only open 11 am-6 pm!) They had a great bottle of bubbly I enjoyed and picked it up for another time. The winery was just down the road from our hostel (one of the selling points!)

We stayed at the Rehabilitation Ranch (in seemed like it was the middle of nowhere). It was clean and a reasonable price but had Bates Motel vibes with a small farm. It would be a great place with a group of people but, if you get scared as easily as I do, I think a different option would be best. We didn’t see a single other person at the ranch but heard doors shutting and toilets flushing – I was spooked!

After I dropped my bags off (Casey had already checked us in) we drove to The Waupoos Pub Market & Eatery for dinner. It was definitely a local favourite – I think the wait staff knew everyone in the restaurant except for the two of us!

We went back to the Bates Motel for a night of relaxing, drinking a glass of wine and hanging out with Tina.

Day 2: Lavender Festival, Wineries, MS Bike Dinner and Lake on the Mountain

We slept in Saturday morning and grabbed some food at the local store in Milford. (Their ice cream was amazing). Turns out, we should have saved our appetites and had food from local vendors at the Lavender Festival!

The Festival is a great way to enjoy local live music, check out the lavender fields and shop all things lavender (lemonade, gelato, soaps, tea, decorations, you name it it’s probably there!) There’s also a bee keeper with ALL the knowledge (did you know a honey bee lives to be 5-6 weeks old and produces 1/8 a teaspoon of honey in it’s lifetime)?

Definitely worth a stop during peak season!

Afterwards, we stopped at the Granite Hill, Broken Stone, Grange and Lacey Estates (all wineries) to taste wine and try to cool down in the heat.

For dinner, the MS Bike puts on an event. This year, it was at the Black Prince Winery and the dinner included a wine tasting and pizza for dinner.

Afterwards, we went back to the resort, joined by two friends who live in Trenton (much closer to visit Lake on the Mountain than Ottawa!) played a few games and went to bed. I had an early start a head of me.

Day 3: MS Bike, Lake on the Mountain

Breakfast is served between 7 AM and 8 AM for the MS Bike, and our team captain had already checked us in by the time I got there for 7:30 AM. It was a perfect day for the ride and I managed to complete the 40 km with my sprained ankle.

Following the ride, there is a BBQ, raffle and opportunity to take pictures with your team/cheering squad.

I’ll definitely be back again next year!

After the ride, I went back to Lake on the Mountain to nap, read, have a second lunch and finally enjoy the sunset at the H.J. MacFarland Conservation Area. Not a bad way to end a relaxing weekend!

Overall, it was another great weekend in the County and I can’t wait to make it an annual thing and go again next year!

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