Iceland Budget

(Sorry if you got the notification for the post yesterday, I had scheduled it but forgot to write-it). Thanks for checking back in and/or for reading it this time around!

I won’t lie: Iceland is expensive. There are reasonable flights from Canada to Iceland (approximately $300 CAD) which is wonderful but everything in Iceland is pricey. Even the difference of costs from my last trip (in May 2016) to this time around, some prices more than doubled! I couldn’t get over it.

None of our activities required a donation or tip (which I typically exclude from these posts) so costs are exactly what we paid. I also excluded travel costs including food to get to/from Iceland because those will always vary, depending on where you’re coming from!

Day One

(Travel, Reykjavik, Settlement Museum, Blue Lagoon)

Airport Transfer: $78 CAD (roundtrip)
Sandholt Breakfast: $16 CAD
Settlement Museum: $20 CAD
Harbor and Sun Voyager: FREE
Snack in Reykjavik: $20 CAD
Iceland Street Food Lunch: $20 CAD
Blue Lagoon including Transfer: $230 CAD
Lava Restaurant Dinner: $68 CAD
Hostel (KEX): $51 CAD
Cash: $70 CAD

Day Two

(Arctic Adventures Excursion (Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Vik, Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Diamond Beach, Hotel Adventure))

Arctic Adventures: $320 CAD ($640 for the 2-day excursion)
Brass Restaurant Breakfast: $27 CAD
Lunch in Vik: $40 CAD
Snacks from Gas Station: $12 CAD
Hotel: included in price of Arctic Adventures Tour
Dinner and Drinks at Hotel: $46 CAD

Day Three

(Arctic Adventures Excursion (Ice Cave, Reykjavik))

Breakfast at Hotel: included in price of Arctic Adventures Tour
Arctic Adventures: $320 CAD
Reynisfjara Snack: $16 CAD
Messinn Dinner: $72 CAD
Hostel (KEX): $57 CAD

Day Four

(Reykjavik, Travel home)

Breakfast at Te and Kaffi: $14 CAD
Airport Transfer: Roundtrip included above
Lunch at Airport: $24 CAD


Definitely not my usual “budget trip” but I had a blast and would do it again in a heart beat! Iceland is an amazing and diverse country.

You could definitely do this long weekend trip cheaper by: doing your own tour (driving yourself), buying food from Bonus (the Icelandic grocery store), and trying to find budget restaurants. My friend and I decided that since we were there for such a short period of time we would indulge and try a lot of dishes around Iceland.

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