What to Pack for Icelandic Winters

I’ll be heading to Iceland for a couple days and I wanted to share my packing list. I’m there for such a short time that the list is not long.

I booked with WOWair (the roundtrip flight was $300CAD) so I’ll just be bringing my “personal item” rather than a checked bag or carry-on. I’m bringing this bag again (making excellent use of the 2017 purchase). It’s a great personal size item and most importantly (for me) has a separate compartment for my camera/lenses. I’ve also packed an additional small bag in case I pick up some gifts for people (I know I will definitely be buying some of the best hot chocolate for myself).

We’ll have two travel days and 3.5 days in Iceland to explore. We’ve booked the Blue Lagoon, a 2-day south iceland/cave tour excursion and we’ll spend the rest of our time wandering Reykjavik.

Weather wise, it’s warmer than where I live in Canada! I was expecting it to be much colder: the wind is definitely something I’ll not be looking forward to. Luckily, I have (almost) all the winter gear I would need and haven’t had to buy anything for this trip.


These pants from Aritzia will be making a reappearance on this trip (I think I’ve brought them with me for every trip I’ve taken in the last 3 years). They are so comfortable, pack up tightly, don’t wrinkle, are high-waisted and look great.
A pair of leggings. I’ll be wearing them under my snow pants for the excursion.
Snow pants. (I had to borrow them from my mom!)

Warmth will be key for my comfort in Iceland. I have a wool sweater (not the one from Iceland I shrunk in the wash), two wool shirts, two tops for going out for dinner/drinks and a yellow down jacket for pictures (it will stand out nicely against the white snow/blue ice in the ice caves). Layering is key for wandering around in the winter. Also, a parka.

Winter boots. Since I’ll just be bringing my personal item, I won’t have any room to pack extra shoes.
Wool socks. I have these amazing wool socks (military issue) and I layer them with a second pair and they’re perfect!


All the things I will 100% need on the trip:

  1. Waterproof case (for taking pictures in Blue Lagoon).
  2. Bathing suit (for Blue Lagoon)
  3. Toiletries/makeup: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, face wash, moisturizer, a comb/brush, etc.
  4. Hand warmers. For my hands but also for my camera!
  5. Photography equipment: including my camera, lens, tripod, remote (for shutter), extra SD card and extra batteries (I was recently out shooting and my camera died so I thought it was time to pick up some extras).
  6. Electronics and their chargers. This will include my camera battery, iPhone, Fitbit and Kobo chargers.
  7. Universal adapter.
  8. Pajamas.


  1. Curling iron.
  2. I brought these last time & still got sick BUT I’ll pack these sanitary wipes in my bag to wipe down any plastic surfaces.
  3. Cold medicine and Advil (also considering a non-essential because I can buy some if I need to).

And there you have it! As always, if I forget something it’s not the end of the world and I can pick it up in Iceland. I CAN’T WAIT. Follow along on my trip on Instagram: @passportunities

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