Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journal: “The Bullet Journal is an analog system created by Ryder Carroll, a Designer based in New York. In his words, the Bullet Journal is meant “to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” It’s an amazing system that keeps a record of everything you could ever want to toss at it.”

Last year (still feels weird to say it already) a friend of mine casually mentioned that I would enjoy bullet journaling. I googled it when I got home and thought “yeah, this is kind of cool” and put it on the back burner of things to look into. Fast forward to November 2018 and I decided to purchase a “Bullet Journal” and some coloured pens and see what I could come up with.

I quickly became OBSESSED. I was staying up late on work nights to be creative and plan out some yearly goals. There are so many examples online.

I’ve been saving quotes on my phone to fill in some blank pages, and thinking of some monthly goals to work on this year. It’s been a great way to track my fitness goals and to have a visual reminder of how well (or how poorly) I’m doing with some goals.

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