Fitness Series: Physiotherapy

**Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional and am sharing my own experience with physiotherapy through the years. I am not offering advice and you should consult your own healthcare professional if you have an injury.**

This January will be the fourth time I’ve gone to physiotherapy – each time for something different.

My Injuries

The first time I went to physio, I fell into a ditch (alcohol was involved) and banged up my knee. I was young and thought I healed quickly but it seems to have caused an injury that has worsened through the years.

The second time I sprained my ankle falling off my bike on my way to work. I (stupidly) had something on my handlebars that made my front wheel turn unexpectedly and I landed in the middle of the road. I didn’t have a great experience with physiotherapy the first time and it took me a few months to decide to go get my ankle checked out. My physiotherapist told me if I’d gone to see her right away it wouldn’t have taken me so long to heal.

The third time I got hit by a car biking through the city and sprained my back. (The accident was so stupid and luckily I got out with only a minor concussion, sprained back, bruised collarbone, and bumps and bruises). Based on what my physiotherapist told me that second time, I went to physio as soon as my back started to hurt. Luckily, I was about to go through insurance and the whole thing was paid for.

This January is my fourth time: with all the injuries above I’ve noticed my knees and quads have been very sore/painful after exercising: even just going for a walk at lunch. So, after researching whether I should go to physiotherapy or get a personal trainer, I settled on physiotherapy. I assumed there were some deeper issues than just my form that I needed to take care of and boy, was I right!

Turns out, I have IT Band Syndrome and it’ll take about 6-8 weeks to work on and heal.

My Experience

So far, my experience with physiotherapy has been largely positive. It is not cheap in the short term; however, I’m thinking of the long term repercussions of not having these issues looked at while I’m young. I want to be able to do squats and lunges without feeling a sharp pain in my knee and to be able to go on long hikes without dreading going downhill.

Physio has sped up my recovery time for the two sprains and I’ve been given exercises to work on to strengthening the muscles to prevent further injury.

Even though I have no background in human anatomy (any anatomy to be honest), I like when my physiotherapist explains exactly what’s going on: and it makes sense! For example, she described that the inside muscle of my knee is very weak and my IT band is too tight that my knee isn’t being supported the way it should which is why it’s always painful.

Have you had to go to physio? What was your experience like?

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