Bratislava and Prague on a Budget

Finally, I stopped in Bratislava for a whirlwind 24 hours and Prague for the last days of my trip. Bratislava used the Euros and I ended up with a bunch of cash leftover, which is perfect because I’ll definitely go back to other euro currency countries! I spent my last Czech koruna on a few souvenirs for family and a Trdelník for my last dinner.

Full disclaimer: As always, I didn’t include my tips or donations in any of the costs I’ve shown because that would vary by person but yes, you should tip the tour guides for the “free tours” and provide donations if an entry fee is not required.


Day one:
Train from Budapest to Bratislava: €14,99
Walking tour: FREE (by tip)
Dinner at 1. Slovak Pub: €10
Beer at bar: €2
Hostel (Patio Hostel): €11
Day one total: €37,99

Day two:
Breakfast at Bucharen (if you do one thing, do this): €4,90
Bus from Bratislava to Prague: €13,90
Day two total: €18,80

Bratislava Grand Total: €56.79


Day one (very first day):
Bus from Airport: 32 kr
Wander City: FREE
Tredlnik: 130 kr
Hostel Ananas: 239 kr
Breakfast: 79 kr
Day one total: 480 kr (€18,60)

Day two (evening after Bratislava):
Sausage: 90 kr
Charles Bridge: FREE
John Legend Wall: FREE
Dinner: 244 kr
Hostel Orange: 199 kr
Day two total: 533,00 kr (€20,70)

Day three:
Walking tour: FREE (by tip)
Quiche: 195 kr
John Legend Wall: FREE
Prague Castle: FREE
Lokal: 104 kr
Sausage: 90 kr
Popocafepetl: 150 kr
Hostel Orange: 199 kr
Day three total: 738 kr (€28,60)

Day four:
Lunch: 178 kr
Baroque Library/Astronomical Tower: 300 kr
Municipal Library: FREE
Dancing House; FREE
Tredlnik: 130 kr
Hostel Ananas: 249 kr
Day four total: 857,00 kr (€33,30)

Day five:
Franz Kafka Statue: FREE
Farmer’s Market: FREE
Breakfast at Farmer’s Market: 69 kr
Charles Bridge: FREE
Vysehrad: FREE
Parks with friend: FREE
Beer at store: 37 kr
Hostel Ananas: 249 kr
Day five total: 355 kr (€13,80)

Uber to airport: 680 kr  (€26)

Prague Grand Total: 3 643,00 kr (€141)

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