Budapest on a Budget

The next city on my latest Eurotrip was Budapest. I was very sick one day and missed a few things I wanted to check out but I still feel like I explored a lot and had a great time.

Full disclaimer: there is an amazing night life in Budapest that I didn’t really experience because I was sick so costs can add up by going out and having a few drinks per night! Also, I didn’t include my tips or donations in any of the costs I’ve shown because that would vary by person but 100% you should tip the tour guides and provide donations if an entry fee is not required.

Also, some prices I paid in Euros and some were in the Hungarian Forint so I’ve converted them to provide the final price in both.


Day one:
Train from Vienna to Budapest: 2 912 huf (€9)
Dinner on Vaci Street: 2 040 huf (€6,80)
Pub Crawl: FREE (by tip) 
Hostel (Oleander): 3 038 huf (€9,39)
Day one total: 7 990 (€25,19)

Day two:
St. Stephen’s Basilica: FREE (by donation)
Madal Café: 790 huf (€2,40)
Parliament Tour: 6050 huf (€18,70)
Walk along Danube: FREE
Walking Tour: FREE (by tip)
Dinner at Blue Rose: 2 295 huf (€7,00)
Hostel (Oleander): 3 038 huf (€9,39)
Day two total: 12 173 huf (€37,49)

Day three:
Széchany Thermal Bath (Admisstion): 5 400 huf (€16,70)
Széchany Thermal Bath (Rentals): 5 000 huf (€15,45)
Agriculture Museum/Vajdahunyad Castle combined ticket: 2100 huf (6,50)
Lunch at Anonymous Bar: 3 380 huf (€10,50)
Heroes Square: FREE
Timewheel: FREE
Andrassy Avenue: FREE
House of Terror: 3 000 huf (€9,30)
Ice Cream: 840 huf (€2,60)
Budapest Eye: FREE (to see)
Jewish Quarter/Ruin Bars: 2 000 huf (€6)
Hostel (Oleander): 3 038 huf (€9,39)
Day three total: 24 758 (€76,44)

Day four:
Breakfast at Bonnie: 1 790 huf (€5,50)
Dohány Street Synagogue: 4 000 huf (€12,40)
Fisherman’s Bastion: FREE
Chain Bridge: FREE
Parliament: FREE
Hostel (Oleander): 3 038 huf (€9,39)
Day four total: 8 828 huf (€27,29)

Day five:
Budapest Central Market: FREE (admission)
Lunch at Central Market: 1500 huf (4,50)
Dinner at Hummus Bar: 890 huf (€2,80)
Hostel (Oleander): 3038 huf (€9,39)
Day five total: 5 428 huf (€16,69)

Breakfast last morning: 890 huf (€2,80)

Budapest Grand Total: 60 067 huf (€185,90)

Being sick one day saved me money (I wanted to go to the Gellert Baths and a few things around that part of Buda) and I was sick so I didn’t drink much. Overall, I found Budapest very reasonable with so much to do and see. I highly recommended it!

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