Vienna on a Budget

I love budgeting. I could talk about the benefits for hours and hours and not get bored (although I’m sure at that point whoever I was talking to would have walked away). Budgeting has been a huge factor in how I am able to travel. When I travel to new places, I am always cognizant of how much I’m spending while still allowing myself to enjoy what I’m doing.

I’d like to point out that I bring snacks with me when travelling and stayed at hostels where breakfast was included. (It’s a large part of how I keep costs low). So, it will seem like I’ve eaten a lot less than I actually did.

I also took out cash but tried to keep track of what I spent during the trip. I also have not included my tips at meals or donations for the walking tours/churches because that would be up to you!

Here’s how to do Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague on a budget!


If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I spent my first night in Prague; however, I finished my trip in Prague so I’ve lumped all prices in that section of this post. If you’re just joining in my series of posts, now you know!

Day one:
Bus from Prague to Vienna: €8
Storing luggage at station: €7 (it’s actually only €3.50 but I messed up and had to pay twice)
Belevedere Palace Upper Level: €15.00
Belevedere Gardens: FREE
Metro: €2.40
Dinner at Restaurant D’Landsknecht: €12.20
Travel Shack: (was supposed to do a €12 pub crawl but it was cancelled because not enough people showed up). I spent about €20 on drinks and €16 on a Uber there and back
Hostel (Porzellaneum): €21.60/night (I spent €3 more/night for a private room
Day one total: €102.2

Day two:
Walking tour: FREE (by donation)
Ballet at the Vienna State Opera: €3
Metro: €2.40
Snack: €5.70
Dinner at Gasthaus Wickerl: €25.20 (a fancier restaurant)
Hostel: €21.60/night
Day two total: €57.90

Day three:
Austrian National Library: €8
Cafe Klimt: €8
Schmetterlinghaus: €7
Snack: €4.10
St. Stephen’s Cathedral: FREE
Public washrooms (x2): €1
St. Stephen’s Cathedral South Tower climb: €5
Dinner and dessert at Krah Krah: €19.90
Hostel: €21.60/night
Day three total: €74.60

Day four:
Cafe Central: €9.60
Metro (3x): €7.20
Hot dog stand: €4.30
Votiv Church, Jesuit Church and Catholic Church: FREE
Prater Amusement Park: FREE (pay for rides and games)
Schönbrunn Palace Imperial Tour: €14.20
Schönbrunn Palace Gardens: FREE
Gasthaus am Spittleberg Dinner: €25
Hostel: €21.60/night
Day four total: €81.90


Overall, Vienna was moderately expensive. My hostel was one of the cheapest in the city but the most expensive of the four cities I visited (but I’m so glad I splurged for the private room). I’m most excited that I saw the ballet for €3 and the Austrian National Library was so beautiful. There were a lot of free things to do in the city if you’re looking for them! I also loved wandering around the city in the morning and evening checking out the architecture. There are plenty of gardens to wander (more than just the two palaces I went to), you can grab a bite to eat at museumsquartier, multiple churches, etc.

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