Eurotrip 2018: Fitness

If you’ve been following along, I went to Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and Prague in the fall.

On this trip, I combined walking and public transit but still managed to walk a ton. Taking the subway and tram was great for cities like Vienna and Budapest that are bigger and had places I wanted to visit that were out-of-the-way or just a little too far to walk. My hostels were either right on a tram line or very close to the city centre which made getting around way easier. Here’s a summary of the steps/km and flights on my trip:

Day 1 (Travel/Prague): 17,234 steps (11.1 km), 21 flights of stairs
Day 2 (Vienna): 24,268 steps (16.0 km), 46 flights of stairs
Day 3 (Vienna): 14,305 steps (9.5 km), 48 flights of stairs
Day 4 (Vienna): 27,699 steps (19.7 km), 51 flights of stairs
Day 5 (Vienna): 33,276 steps (22.6 km), 55 flights of stairs
Day 6 (Budapest): 13,785 steps (8.5 km), 8 flights of stairs
Day 7 (Budapest): 31,655 steps (22.5 km), 51 flights of stairs
Day 8 (Budapest): 22,565 steps (14.6 km), 20 flights of stairs
Day 9 (Budapest): 21,339 steps (15.3 km), 58 flights of stairs
Day 10 (Budapest): 7,472 steps (4.9 km), 2 flights of stairs (spent the day sick at the hostel!)
Day 11 (Bratislava): 21,558 steps (15.2 km), 46 flights of stairs
Day 12 (Prauge): 21,468 steps (15.4 km), 43 flights of stairs
Day 13 (Prague): 27,302 steps (17.6 km), 44 flights of stairs
Day 14 (Prague): 18,524 steps (11.7 km), 29 flights of stairs
Day 15 (Prague): 34,344 steps (23.9 km), 85 flights of stairs
Day 16 (Travel home): 11,902 steps (7.3 km), 8 flights of stairs

Total: 348,696 steps (236 km), 615 flights of stairs in 16 days. Not bad!

As with my other Travel Fitness posts, fitness is not only exercise but diet as well. I typically ate breakfast at the hostel (often some sort of grain) and I had granola bars in my bag to snack on throughout the day (to save money). I usually ate one large dinner to try the local cuisine and national dishes, including a dessert. I felt that with all the walking I was doing, I was justified in enjoying some treats. I really enjoyed all the food I tried.

Here’s all the food I tried (or at least remembered to take pictures of before devouring).

2 thoughts on “Eurotrip 2018: Fitness

  1. HOLYYYYY CRAP!!! 236 IN 16 DAYS!!! Now that is an impressive feet! (yes, I spelled feat wrong in order to make a walking pun, I will not apologize. In fact I’m now giggling at my own joke)
    Wow, those numbers are SO hardcore – good for you for finding a way to work out while travelling, that’s easier said that done! And with step counts like those, you sure as shit were justified in trying all the local food. And that’s a large portion of trying out new culture, the food! Can’t give that up, in my opinion.
    Great job on your Eurotrip Fitness… and also great job at kicking my sweet tooth into highhh gear, those treats all look so amazing!

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