Prague, Czech Republic (Part 2)

Check out Part 1 here.

Day one: Old Town Hall, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, John Lennon Wall, Malá Strana.
Day two: Astronomical Clock, Shopping, Bananas Walking Tour, Lokal, John Lennon Wall, Prague Castle, Night Out
Day three: Astronomical Tower, Baroque Library and Meridian Hall, Municipal Library, Dancing House
Day four: Franz Kafka Head, Farmer’s Market, Charles Bridge, Vyšehrad, Wallenstein Gardens, Hostel Mango Terrace

Day two: Astronomical Clock, Shopping, Bananas Walking Tour, Lokal, John Lennon Wall, Prague Castle, Night Out

I woke up just before 8 am and went down to the common room for breakfast. Turns out, breakfast is literally oats or cornflakes – no milk for the cornflakes and nothing for the oats! But, I was running out of cash and was hungry so I had oats and a tea (oats are pretty filling though!)

I spent the morning wandering around and stopped at a few of the stalls on my way to the Astronomical Clock for the hourly show. I heard it was the second most disappointing tourist attraction in Europe (second only to the Mona Lisa). The show is a few figurines circling past a small window, with a few extra things moving – I thought it was fine but didn’t have any expectations about it!


I shopped at a few souvenir shops until the free walking tour at 11 AM (Bananas walking tour) that was made available by the hostel company I stayed with (there were three fruit hostels). The tour guide, Dan, rubbed me the wrong way at first (I just liked Ludo and Riki more) but eventually I warmed up to him and enjoyed the tour. As always, it was by tip at the end. I met two other solo female travellers (Louise on Tour and Clara) and we went for a drink and a bit to eat together. We went to Lokal by the recommendation of Dan – he said that if the waiter/waitress is overly friendly to turn around and go somewhere else because that place will have jacked  up prices! This place was exactly as Dan described: cheap, good food with a (seemingly) rude waitress (not actually rude, just not overly friendly). Louise, Clara and I spent the afternoon together: we stopped at the John Legend Wall (the wings were gone) and the Prague castle before parting ways after exchanging numbers to meet up for a drink.



Classic me-move: I gave them the wrong number (by accident)! I typed one number wrong and didn’t take their numbers so after I hadn’t heard from they by about 9:30, I went out to grab a sausage for dinner and went back to the hostel common room – where I saw Clara! She gave me Louise’s number and I ended up meeting up with her and some people from her hostel at Popocafepetl. It was a blast!


Drinks were 30 kr for a pint. Originally a large group of guys from the Netherlands were being rowdy but we ended up having a sing-off and being louder than the music on the dance floor! We were out pretty late so Louise and her hostel people kindly walked me back to my hostel and parted for the night.

Day three: Astronomical Tower, Baroque Library and Meridian Hall, Municipal Library, Dancing House

Naturally, I slept in and left the hostel for lunch (the cleaning lady was cursing in Czech because I walked on her clean floors). I took my book to a restaurant in Wenceslas Square and relaxed. I was feeling pretty tired and sore by this point in the trip! I went back to the hostel to make a plan for the day and remembered my friend had recommended seeing a library – I looked it up and discovered the Astronomical Tower, Baroque Library and Meridian Hall. On my way there, I actually bumped into the guys from the Netherlands, said hi and then bought my ticket for the tour.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures of the library but the astronomical tower had a great 360 degree view of Prague!

Cost: 3000 kr


Next, I stopped at the Municipal Library to check out their book tower – it was an art installation from floor to ceiling with a mirror on either end to make it look like a never ending tunnel of books. So cool!


I spent the evening walking to and from the Dancing House, stopping for a Trdelnik for dinner.


Day four: Franz Kafka Head, Farmer’s Market, Charles Bridge, Vyšehrad, Wallenstein Gardens, Hostel Mango Terrace

I slept in on my last day in Prague: I only had a few things left on my list to check out. I ran down to the store below the hostel because I noticed they had fruit – it was $15 CAD for a small pint of strawberries! NOPE. I just had oats and a tea again.

First stop of the day was the Franz Kafka moving head statue.


Next I hopped on the tram to head to the farmers market to do some shopping and have a second breakfast (69 kr for a spinach/cheese pastry). You could buy a beer to go with your breakfast (it was too cold for me), or have champagne and oysters, or even just grab some warm food from a vendor! I love stopping at farmer’s markets.


Next I wandered back to the Charles Bridge (sooo busy during the day, what was I thinking?!) and then back to Vyšehrad and the farmers market again. Vyšehrad had a nice garden with information boards on various architecture/gardens in the Czech Republic and their inspiration. The pictures of the Wallenstein Palace Gardens looked beautiful so I set out there for my next stop (after stopping at the hostel to charge my phone). At the hostel, I had a message from one of the people the night we went to the bar so we met up at the gardens and hungout for a few hours. We checked out the Wallenstein Gardens, the other park and we ended the evening back at the Hostel Mango common room, after spending my last 37 kr on a beer.


I went back to my hostel to pack up my bags and go to bed early. There were three girls who came in shortly after I showered and were chatting up a storm – they made a comment that they could drink on the balcony for a while and were being fairly loud. I said to myself that I would ask them to leave if they hadn’t by about 9:30 so I could go to bed and then I got chatting with a new girl who just arrived – and was so nice. Next thing I know, we’re being the loud people in the hostel room chatting! So the two of us went up to the terrace to hangout for a bit before I went to bed and she went out for a drink.

I’d realized earlier that day that, while I booked my flight to get home around 3PM for Thanksgiving, I hadn’t checked what time I had to fly out when I booked. My flight was at 6:30 am, which meant I had to leave my hostel around 3 AM! I’d checked the Uber prices before going to bed and by the time I woke up they had doubled – surge pricing for all the people who were heading home after a night out. Since my hostel was in Wenceslas Square, no cars could pull up to my hostel so I had to find somewhere with Wifi so I could order a Uber and not be charged late fees. I walked about 10 minutes to a local MacDonalds and called an Uber. Got to the airport at about 4:15 AM but was dropped off at the wrong terminal! So I had to walk to the next terminal where I could check in and then went off in search of some breakfast.

Overall, such an amazing trip and I can’t wait for my next one! Thanks for following along and stay tuned for some follow up posts.

Next stop: CHINA!


4 thoughts on “Prague, Czech Republic (Part 2)

  1. so jealous that you got to go to the Baroque library!! it was closed the weekend i was in Prague, but OMG i bet it was amazing!! also – how is Prague soooo cuuute, even their municipal library is adorable, eh!?
    absolutely fantastic pictures of a wonderful little city, girl! thanks for bringing me down memory lane – i want to go back again already!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved the library! I wanted to stand there forever & soak it in but I gave other people their much deserved turn to check it out!
      I loved Prague – going back through my pictures it was definitely the most adorable of the 4 cities I visited. I want to see more of the Czech Republic for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

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