Prague, Czech Republic (Part 1)

I spent the very first night and the last three nights of my trip in Prague. I figured I’d write this post with starting with the very beginning of the trip.

My original flight plan was Ottawa to Toronto (at 3:30 pm Friday on WestJet), Toronto to Paris then Paris to Prague (both with Air France). I worked Friday morning until about 11:30 am and then went home to finish a few things (like take out the garbage, pack some snacks etc.). I finished quicker than expected so I called an Uber to the airport – I figured I may as well wait at the airport rather than home! Turns out, it was the best decision I made the entire trip.

I got to the airport around 12:45 pm and was having issues checking in at the kiosk so I talked to one of the WestJet employees (who are super helpful). After a bit of discussion, they said they wanted to send me on the 1:30 pm flight because they were expecting a “bit of bad weather in the afternoon”. Worked for me!

I arrived safely in Toronto and decided to get my nails done because I had over 4 hours in the Toronto airport. Next thing I know, my phone is blowing up with people marking themselves safe in Ottawa due to the tornado, and people asking if I made it on my flight okay. Yeah, the “bit of bad weather” that I thought was just going to be rain turned out to be 6 tornados touching down in Ottawa, one near my office that went through my neighbourhood. Talk about good luck (for me). My original 3:30 pm flight was majorly delayed which would have delayed my entire trip!!

This was the first flight I’ve taken that provided a full meal and snack on the flight (which was great because my snacks were not enough!). The food was pretty good and the staff were great. I would definitely fly with Air France again (just not with a checked bag). I’d saved the orange juice and water they gave but when I switched flights in Paris they confiscated the liquid (what a noob).

My luck ran out in Prague when I arrived and Air France didn’t send my checked bag on my flight from Paris (this is the first time it’s happened to me). They took my hostel information and I let them know I was leaving for Vienna early the next morning and they said I should get it that evening but it could be sent to Vienna if needed.

Day one: Old Town Hall, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, John Lennon Wall, Malá Strana.
Day two: Astronomical Clock, Shopping, Bananas Walking Tour, Lokal, John Lennon Wall, Prague Castle, Night Out
Day three: Astronomical Tower, Baroque Library and Meridian Hall, Municipal Library, Dancing House
Day four: Franz Kafka Head, Farmer’s Market, Charles Bridge, Vyšehrad, Wallenstein Gardens, Hostel Mango Terrace

Day one: Old Town Hall, Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, John Lennon Wall, Malá Strana

So, off I went to PRAGUE. I took the bus into town (thanks Honest Guide) and it only cost 32 kr (the cheapest option). I checked into my hostel and let them know my luggage should be coming that evening, took a nap and then set out to explore. For dinner I tried a Treldnik with chocolate and ice cream (130 kr) (I ended up at the most expensive stop for these) and wandered around Prague.


First stop was Old Town Hall and the Astronomical Clock. The clock was under repair but was being unveiled on September 28, just in time for me to see it upon my return! I then wandered around Prague checking out the Charles Bridge (so busy), Prague Castle (which turns out I didn’t actually make it to but it was a nice walk), the John Lennon Wall (coming back these wings were no longer there!) and Malá Strana.



I was super tired by this point so I went back to the hostel hoping my luggage was there but it was not! So I went up to my room to stretch (anyone else find walking 20 km+ a day is tiring???), catch up on social media (check out my Instagram here), and let my people back home know I was safe.

I went back down to reception about an hour later (9:30 pm) and my luggage STILL wasn’t there. The receptionist was so nice and let me borrow her phone to call the airport to see if it was on it’s way – they could neither confirm nor deny if it was making it that night so I bought some shampoo and rented a towel to take a shower. As I was getting ready to go to sleep, the receptionist came into the room and told me my luggage had finally arrived! SO GRATEFUL. I could have cried I was so relieved to put on clean pajamas. Went to bed happy as a clam!

This is the problem with hostels: people can come into the room at 3:30 am and making a lot of noise. I woke up around 6 am to take pictures of the sunrise on Charles Bridge and, once I got to the street, turned around and went right back into the hostel. It was pouring rain, I don’t have a waterproof camera, and I was coming back to the city! So I slept for a few more hours and then left for the bus station to head to Vienna.

Stay tuned for Part 2 on Thursday!

7 thoughts on “Prague, Czech Republic (Part 1)

  1. omg Tredleniks are liiiiiiiife. craving one so bad now haha
    these are all great places to visit; can’t wait for the second post! i’m excited to hear about your opinion of Prague! it was BY FAR my favourite European city to date 🙂

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