Vienna, Austria (Part 2)

(see Part 1 here)

Day one: Belvedere Palace, Dinner, Pub Crawl, Vienna Travel Shack
Day two: Walking Tour, Ballet
Day three: Austrian National Library, Cafe Klimt, Wander Vienna, Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly House), St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Day four: Morning photography, Cafe Central, Votiv Church, Jesuit Church, Viennese Ferris wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, Karlskirche, Spittleberg

Day three: Austrian National Library, Cafe Klimt, Wander Vienna, Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly House), St. Stephen’s Cathedral

My trip to London and Dublin made me fall in love with libraries in new cities and Vienna also did not disappoint. The Austrian National Library was by far the best thing on my trip. It was beautiful. I woke up fairly early to get to the library for opening at 10 am. There were two pairs of globes (four of the oldest in the world), students can check out the books for research purposes with a valid student card.

Cost: €8


After the library I stopped at Cafe Klimt for a tea and a slice of Sacher Cake. Sacher Cake is a type of chocolate cake invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna. You can go to the Hotel Sacher for a slice or anywhere else in Vienna for a fraction of the price (which is what I did!).


After grabbing a bite to eat, I set out to wander Vienna with no where specific in mind. I stopped in a few gardens, went to Museums Quartier, back to Hofburg, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Plague Monument and City Hall (Rathaus). On my way from Museums Quartier I decided to cut through a park for a scenic view and saw what I thought was a greenhouse but which turned out to be the Schmetterlinghaus!

After stumbling across the Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly House), I bought a ticket and spent over an hour trying to take photos and slow-mos of the butterflies. I even had one land on my head. (A girl behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked for my phone to take a picture!!)

Cost: €7.50


My last stop of the day was St. Stephen’s Cathedral. I was hoping that if I went at almost close I could catch the sunset but it wasn’t getting dark early enough yet. I still love the photos but a pink sky would have been the cherry on top!


At this point I was getting hungry and had thought about having a drink along the canal but the place I found was far too fancy for me. So, I stopped at Krah Krah for some amazing food but didn’t stay for drinks.

Day four: Morning photography, Cafe Central, Votiv Church, Jesuit Church, Viennese Ferris wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, Karlskirche, Spittleberg

I got up early (4:30 am) to head to the Hofburg and take some photos in the early morning. I love some of the shots I took – one ended up being my favourite of the entire trip.




After taking some photos in the morning, I stopped in at Cafe Central for breakfast. I heard the line can get fairly long during the day but at about 7 am it was almost empty: my kind of dining! The food was good but it was a little too early for a treat!


Next I checked out three churches: the Votiv Church, Jesuit Church and the Catholic Church. The Votiv Church was the perfect backdrop for a sunburst. As I was walking up to the Jesuit Church, I found it fairly unassuming and wondered why I had it on my list of places to visit. Since I walked all the way there, I went in and my jaw dropped: the inside was stunning! (Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!!) It made the Catholic Church a little underwhelming.




Next stop was the Viennese Ferris Wheel at the Prater Theme Park. I loved these photos of the Ferris wheel I took! I ended up buying a sausage and beer and sitting for an hour reading – I was getting tired of walking at this point and had lots of time to see the final things on my list.



I took the Metro down to the Schönbrunn Palace in the hopes of grabbing a picture at sunset. I saw an amazing sunset on instagram the night before, which put the palace back on my list and I’m SO glad I stopped by. I did do the Imperial Tour and then wandered the gardens, ending up at the front of the Palace for the sunset.


I’d been waiting for the sunset at the front of the palace but had read that the gardens closed at 7 pm. So, I packed my camera gear up at 7 pm, got to the gate, turned around and saw the beautiful pink sky in the background. I asked the guard if I could go back in for a few photos and she was having none of it! So, I set my tripod up outside the gate for about 10 minutes and a second security guard came up to me and asked me if I wanted to go back in for some pictures! I absolutely said yes and ran up to the fountain to take some photos. I’m so glad the second security guard let me back in because I love this photo!

Cost: €14.20 (Imperial Tour, gardens are free)


After the Palace I went back to Karlskirche to check out the reflections at night.


I ended the night in Spittleberg for a wonderful dinner then went off to bed to get up early the next day to catch my train to Budapest.

I LOVED Vienna and I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed photographing it.

4 thoughts on “Vienna, Austria (Part 2)

  1. WOOWWWWWIEEEE! These pictures are beyond amazing!! What a stunning place, so in awe of all their architecture. Well done capturing this city in all its wonder!

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