Vienna, Austria (Part 1)

I’m back! (Well, I’ve been home for two weeks but work has been hectic, I’ve only just had a chance to go through my pictures and work on the blog posts). Ps. you can check out my planning posts here and here.

I actually spent the first afternoon and night of my trip in Prague but, since I also ended there, I’m jumping straight into Vienna. I’d originally planned to wake up in Prague early to take pictures before heading out but it was pouring rain at 6:00 am so I turned around and went back to bed. Woke up around 8:30 am, just in time to head to the bus station to head to Vienna. I decided to walk (about 15 minutes) rather than take the Metro (saving myself about 32 kr). I ran into another girl on her way to the station so I chatted with her for a bit – she was off to Krakow and Lithuania on a backpacking trip and had just finished in Prague. She gave me some tips for when I came back, we hangout for a bit in the bus station, and then we parted ways. (This is probably my favourite part about travelling – meeting other travellers and getting to know people around the world!)

On the bus, I was so tired and was nodding off and ended up banging my head on the window because I was sleeping so hard. Whoops!

Day one: Belvedere Palace, Dinner, Pub Crawl, Vienna Travel Shack
Day two: Walking Tour, Ballet
Day three: Austrian National Library, Cafe Klimt, Wander Vienna, Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly House), St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Day four: Morning photography, Cafe Central, Votiv Church, Jesuit Church, Viennese Ferris wheel, Schönbrunn Palace, Karlskirche, Spittleberg

Day one: Belvedere Palace, Dinner, Pub Crawl, Vienna Travel Shack

I got off the bus in Vienna and, originally, my plan was to go to both the Belvedere Palace and the Schönbrunn Palace but I hadn’t realized how far the Schönbrunn Palace was. So, I changed my mind and planned to store my luggage at the train station. They were self service and cash only so I bought myself a croissant to get €3.50 in change. The directions were to “close door, insert cash, click store” so I did exactly that. Turns out, I needed to “put luggage in, close door, insert cash, click store”…obviously. But, once you opened the locker door you lost the locker so, back to the bakery I went to get ANOTHER €3.50 in change, and then I walked to the Belvedere Palace.

Belvedere Palace: There are a few buildings at the palace, and each place has a different price, so I paid for the “Upper Level” and went exploring.

The first thing you see when you walk through the gates. The Palace itself is a wonderful building with amazing gardens surrounding it.
The Palace from the back.
There were still lots of flowers in the gardens in late September!



The Upper Level is a museum filled with artwork (such as The Kiss), ornately decorated ceilings, gold mirrors and a beautiful marble front entrance.


The gardens could be seen from the second storey.


After the Belvedere Palace, I went back to the train station to grab my luggage and hopped on the Metro (€2.40). It was a bit of a hike, I was tired and didn’t want to drag my luggage around.

Dinner: I checked into my hostel, got cleaned up and went for dinner down the street at Restaurant D’Landsknecht. I got the Schinkenfleckerl (a ham/cheese/Viennese noodle dish) wot a 0.3L beer for €12.20. Such a reasonable price for the huge meal and a beer. Dinner is my least favourite part of solo travelling but I typically review pictures and/or read my book so it’s not too bad. The staff were nice enough to let me stay and read my book during dinner.


Pub Crawl/Vienna Travel Shack: After dinner, I got ready for the evening at my hostel and walked to the pub crawl. PLOT TWIST I went to the wrong meeting place. I went to the “Free Walking Tour” meeting place instead of the “Vienna Pub Crawl” meeting place – which were about an hours walk from one to the other. So, after messaging a friend and freaking out, she convinced me to try to get to the pub crawl – so I ordered an Uber (€8) and arrived about 40 minutes late. I was actually the fourth of seven people to show up and we each got two free shots. However, the pub crawl only happens if at least five people showed up so at 10 pm the tour guides left and the four of us that did show stayed at the bar: Vienna Travel Shack. The shots at this bar were the most ridiculous and outrageous shots I’d ever heard of: the Chuck Norris involved taking a shot and getting slapped and then back handed across the face by the bartender and the Cock Shot was a milky alcoholic shot in a fake dildo. I ended up hanging out there until 3 am, met some awesome people and connected on social media and then called an Uber back to my hostel.

Day two: Walking Tour, Ballet

I thought I was going to get up for the 10 am walking tour but slept in and went to the afternoon one instead. We met at Albertinaplatz (where I’d gone the night before for the pub crawl) and I was in the right place this time! I love walking tours because you get to meet other like minded travellers and hear about the history of the city and buildings.

I went with the “Welcome Tour Vienna” and it lasted about about 2 hours, stopping at: Hofburg Palace, Austrian National Library (outside), Memorial against War and Fascism, Neuer Markt and Donner Fountain, Graben and St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Plague Memorial
Hofburg Palace

At the end of the tour, the guide gave us a tip that you can see the ballet (Giselle while I was there) at the Vienna State Opera House for €3 so I rushed back to my hostel to drop off my bag and get changed. The show started at 7:30 but she recommended going at least an hour before and to bring a scarf – the scarf is to hold your place in the standing only section. If you’re short like me I recommend going even earlier than an hour if you can stand waiting in line that long: I couldn’t see any of the stage for the first half of the ballet. Near the end of the second half I left the standing only area because my legs were so sore and just around the corner were a few chairs in front of a TV, showing the ballet. So I sat down, and got to enjoy myself.


I was SO hungry that I grabbed food at the restaurant next to my hostel. I inhaled the schnitzel and a glass of wine before heading to bed.


Stay tuned for Part 2! (I felt like this post had a ton of pictures and I have even more to come!).

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