Eurotrip 2018 Highlights

I’m back home! The last two weeks was a whirlwind of exploring parts of Central Europe, meeting new friends and overindulging in local food. As I organize my pictures and posts I thought I’d share a few of my favourite things (highlights) from each city. This week is going to be crazy busy at work so I think new blog posts will be coming in a few weeks. Thanks for following along!


My top two favourite things I did in Vienna were checking out the Austrian National Library and the ballet. The last few times I’ve travelled, the libraries have been at the top of my list and this is no exception. In fact, I’ll be adding libraries to the list of things I research before going on my next adventures!


I also loved wandering around in the early hours of the day with my camera and tripod: here is my favourite! (It’s St. Michael’s Church with a bus passing in front of me).


Finally, I loved the Marble Room at the Belvedere Palace, the Butterfly House and sunset at the Schönbrunn Palace.



I fell in love with the Szecheni Thermal bath – it was wonderful staying warm in the outdoor thermal baths for a few hours.

The next best thing was the Parliament Tour: check out the gold staircase!


Finally, I also took my camera and tripod out for some night shots and got a few great long exposures!



Bratislava was a cute, small city with a few gems. I took the one night I spent and met some people in the hostel, ending the night at a bar and had a blast! Part of the reason I love travelling is making new friends from around the world.


I did stick around for the sunset.


These steamed dumplings were scrumptious and I highly recommend going to Bratislava just for these!


I spent the first night of my trip in Prague, as well as the last three nights of my trip. Do yourself a favour and grab a Trdelník and wander the streets – you won’t be disappointed!


Stay tuned for full, detailed posts in the next coming weeks and check out my Instagram for lots more photos!! Thanks for stopping by!

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