Photography Series: Macro

I picked up a few lenses for my iPhone off Amazon, and it included a macro lens. After using it spontaneously while I was out, I now always have the lens in my purse – it’s compact and so handy!

My first attempt at taking macro shots was at the Lavender Farm in Prince Edward County. There were tons of bees flying around the lavender flowers and it took me about 50 tries and 30 minutes to get 2 clear shots. Even the lavender flowers themselves were hard to capture a clear image – the wind blew them around so much!

My second attempt was at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa: again, photographing bees! I loved the detail you can see of the bee’s fur and the pollen! Even the detail of the sunflower (in the second picture) is so crisp.

My next try was at Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ontario. It’s a good thing I was carrying around my macro lens with me – I loved the shot of this moth and the flowers. I’ve been trying to switch it up and I changed the focus on the flowers – I love the vibrant pink one!

You can take macro shots of virtually anything!

Have you tried out a macro lens? What’s your favourite thing to capture? Let me know in the comments!

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