Eurotrip 2018 Packing

My last packing post was well received so I’m sharing a new packing list for this next trip. I seriously can’t wait. It’s always so hectic at work before I head off on a vacation and I’ll be gone for two weeks (so you can imagine how much busier it’s been). If you’re new, feel free to check out all my planning posts:
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Since I booked with AirFrance this time (instead of WOWair like my last few Europe flights) I am entitled to a checked bag and I’m taking advantage of it. I’ll be spending longer periods in each city than I have on my last few trips so I don’t mind dragging around one large piece of luggage and a carry-on.

I’m bringing this bag again. It’s a great personal size item, has a separate compartment for my camera and lots of space on top for things like my wallet, pens, iPhone lenses, chargers, gloves etc. I’ve been trying to get my 30 wears out of it and I definitely will after this trip!

I’ve already tried packing for the trip and I have lots of space in my luggage, which is great because I like to buy gifts (for Christmas or birthdays etc.) when I travel. The hard part now is not packing more just because I have the space.


I’ve created another clothing capsule: a small number of clothing pieces to create a variety of outfits. I’ll be travelling for a total of 16 days so I’ve packed 3 bottoms, 6 tops, 3 jackets, 1 dress, 3 scarves, 2 pair of shoes and a pair of boots. 

A comfy pair of jeans (but seriously – they are super comfortable)
These pants from Aritzia will be making a reappearance on this trip. They are so comfortable, pack up tightly, don’t wrinkle, are high-waisted and look great.
A comfy pair of stylish casual pants for travel days

Every top can be worn with another. I had two other tshirts on my list but took them off when putting together outfits. I also packed one dress and three scarves.

One jean jacket, one puffer jacket and one water resistant jacket. One comfy sweater and one hoodie (I bring it with me on every trip). They can all be layered!

One pair of comfortable runners, my converse and a pair of knee-high boots.


I’ve talked about it on a few previous posts but I love the Stylebook App. I’ve created outfits on the app, making sure to use pieces multiple times. There are so many more outfits I could put together for this trip but I only need 16 total. Yes, I did spend an afternoon trying on each outfit to make sure they’d look good.

Other Essentials

All the things I will 100% need on the trip:

  1. Warm socks. It’s not supposed to be too cold but travelling with cold or wet feet is awful so I try to pack lots of warm socks for the day and one pair of wool socks for back at the hostel.
  2. Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, face wash, moisturizer, a comb/brush, etc.
  3. Makeup: With a bigger bag I can pack a few non-essentials like my MAC Ruby Woo lipstick (my favourite and lasts all day), Tarte eyeshadow palette, mascara and foundation.
  4. Photography equipment: including my camera, lens, tripod, remote (for shutter), extra SD card and extra batteries (I was recently out shooting and my camera died so I thought it was time to pick up some extras).
  5. Electronics and their chargers. This will include my camera battery, iPhone, Fitbit and Kobo chargers.
  6. Universal adapter.
  7. Pajamas.


This time around I’ll be checking my bag so I’ll be able to bring a few things I couldn’t last time:

  1. Hair straightener and curling mousse.
  2. Towel. (I’m considering it a non-essential because I can rent a towel at the hostel if I need to). If I run out of room in my luggage on my way home I plan to leave the towel behind.
  3. I recently read an article about how unsanitary airplane trays are (I can attest to this, I get sick after almost every flight) but I now pack these sanitary wipes in my bag to wipe down any plastic surfaces. (I recommend you do the same!)
  4. Cold medicine and Advil (also considering a non-essential because I can buy some if I need to). The last two trips I took to Europe I got sick halfway through my trip with a cold (probably from the airplane) so this time I’m prepared.

One thought on “Eurotrip 2018 Packing

  1. That stylebook app is so perfect for this (and most) Europe trip! Love it (and love all the outfits).
    Also, yeesh good call on the sanitary wipes – airplanes are nasty AF under a microscope haha.
    Great packing post!


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