Atlas Obscura: Prague, Bratislava

Atlas Obscura is one of my favourite places to check for things to do and see in new cities. The website (also a book) recommends the obscure and curious places around the world.

After checking the usual websites for Prague and Bratislava, and I’ve added a few places to MyMaps from Atlas Obscura.


Prague, Czech Rebpublic is a small, walkable city and the farthest Atlas Obscura suggestion is only a 30 minute walk from my hostel. So, while I typically will take off “outliers” from my list, I’ve kept all suggestions on my list and it will just come down to time. A few of the things I’m most excited for in Prague are:

  1. Hlava Franze Kafky – moving statue of Franz Kafky’s head.
  2. Municipal House – most of the building is closed unless taking a private tour but I’ll be checking out as much as I can
  3. Idiom Installation – a book statue (check out the pictures)
  4. The Dancing House of Prague – a “tipsy office building”
  5. Speculum Alchemiae – hidden lair of an alchemist discovered in a flood

  6. Proudy
  7. Dripstone Wall – only open between April and October so I should just be able to make it
  8. Museum of Torture Instruments – There are two!


There are only 7 suggestions on Atlas Obscura for Bratislava so I’ll check them all out.

  1. Cumil the Sewer Worker
  2. Obrazáreň pri Dóme – an abandoned church

  3. Slavín – Obelisk War Memorial

  4. Most SNP – a UFO restaurant on top of a cable supported bridge

  5. Hotel Galéria Spirit – a hotel and gallery

  6. UFO of Bratislava – a spaceship sculture

  7. VW Cableway 


2 thoughts on “Atlas Obscura: Prague, Bratislava

  1. I went to Kafsky’s moving head, the Dancing House, (and dozens of other sights not listed), and can confirm that they are SO COOL/must sees!!
    My love for the city of Prague is unrivalled – you’re just going to adore it!!

    Liked by 1 person

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