Budapest Planning

**Featured image is from the Lonely Planet.**

After Prague and Bratislava, I’ll be checking out Budapest. I’ll be spending a little bit more time in Budapest than Bratislava, as recommended by a friend and researching on the internet.

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, so another capital and country will be checked off my list (and my scratch map). A friend of mine visited a few years ago and recommended the thermal baths and to eat as much local food as possible (never a problem for me). The architecture in the city looks wonderful and I can’t wait to visit! Now, on to the planning.


I checked out Pinterest and “the top XX things to do” lists. Two of the most helpful blogs i found where:

Mini Adventures

The Crazy Tourist

The Lonely Planet (always a good resource)

Google Maps (MyMaps)

My number one travel hack for those, like me, who prefer walking to get to know a city. After I’ve created my list of potential places to visit, putting each location on a “MyMap” helps visualize where everything is in relation to the other.




Finally, I love excel and created an excel file to organize where I should go each day. I typically organize based on geographic location of places I want to visit. I’ll be sharing an overall excel file in my final planning post.

  1. Free walking tour (+tip of course)
  2. Hungarian National Museum
  3. Foods to try: Goulash, Cabbage Rolls, Tokaj wine, Fisherman’s soup, Chimney Cake (similar to the Trdelník in Prague)
  4. Thermal baths (they look beautiful)
  5. Saint Stephen’s Basilica
  6. House of Terror (museum on fascism and communism in 20th century Hungary)
  7. House of Parliament
  8. Ruin Pubs
  9. Fisherman’s Bastion
  10. Grab a coffee (or tea for me) at Alexandra Bookstore (I’ll be looking at the ceiling)
  11. Vajdahunyad Castle (you know I love a good castle)
  12. Heroes’ Square (Hosök tere)
  13. Danube Promenade
  14. Dohány Street Synagogue
  15. Buda Castle Hill Funicular
  16. Andrássy Avenue
  17. Royal Palace
  18. Hungarian State Opera House

Something I forgot to touch on in my last two posts (I just updated them) was a few “travel tips” for the city.

Currency: Budapest is the capital of Hungary and therefore uses the Hungarian Farint. I’m going to stop at my bank before I leave to take out some cash. (I found out the hard way in Germany that most places only take cash rather than Visa so it’s better to be safe than sorry!)

Tipping: It is customary in Canada to tip 18-20% on eating out so it’s always something I think of when travelling internationally. It looks like 10-15% is customary in Hungary so I’ll be keeping that in mind!

This week I’m going to finish booking hostels and trains and finalize my itinerary. I am getting so excited!!!

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