Fitness Series: Round-up and Fitness Apps

I thought I’d do a round-up of some of my previous fitness posts before launching in to my next post.

Small Changes make a Big Difference
Meal Prepping
No equipment Workouts
Fitness Series: Motivation vs. Dedication

Fitness Apps

Fitbit: I purchased the Fitbit Versa last month and LOVE IT. The features I love:

  • Steps: it captures more steps than my phone (since I don’t have my phone on me all the time). For example, I was cleaning my apartment one Saturday morning and my Fitbit recorded 3,500 steps and my phone only 1,000. (This is great news for the Carrot app below).
  • Fitbit Coach: I haven’t paid for the premium version yet, but I love that the Fitbit tracks how you perform each exercise. I’ve tried a few workouts at home and so far they’ve been good but I also have a few free workouts I do (rather than paying for the app).
  • Exercise: You can track types of exercises such as running, cycling, weights, yoga, hiking, interval training etc. At the end, the watch gives an overview of heart rate (bmp), time and calories burned.
  • Timer/Stopwatch: Great for interval training or stretching (I have to time myself with stretching otherwise I don’t hold the stretch long enough). I use it daily!
  • Nutrition and Water Tracking: I still use MyFitness Pal for nutrition but the Fitbit app shows macros and if I’m under, over or on target with my nutrition.
  • Heart Rate: It’s easy to track your heart rate during workouts to determine if you’re in the fat burning range, cardio range and the max peak heart rate during your workout.

Carrot: In Canada (Ontario, NFL and BC) there is an app that gives you points to a loyalty program of your choosing for reaching your step goal and completing challenges. It’s actually the reason I decided to get a Fitbit: I was using my phone to track steps but because I play so much soccer and do a lot of cycling I was being active but not reaching my step goal. I think it’s a great way to stay motivated to reach your step goals.

MapMyRide or MapMyRun: I love both of these apps. If you’re a frequent cyclist or runner it’s a great way to track your pace or progress.

Sweat: I love the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines. I tried out her app for 7 days and loved it but can’t complete the Bikini Body Guide right now (working on strengthening my back before the rest of my body). (Do you use the sweat app? what do you think about it?)


I had a lot of fun with my Fitbit and started a new workout program (I’ve been sharing it on my Instagram stories if you’re interested in following along-my account is Passportunities).

Strength Training: I need to get back in to doing more strength training exercises. I hate to admit it but I’ve been using my back as an excuse for too long (sprained it in an accident in the fall)! That’s why I like this workout: it’s not so difficult that I need to worry about reinjuring my back; it’s short enough that I’m not discouraged about finding time to do it; I can make it harder by adding weights or more reps; and I can do it at home!

Cardio: I bike to work 2-4 times a week: it’s about a 25 minute bike ride which is just enough in the morning to wake me up but not tire me out. I typically don’t bike when it’s a chance of thunderstorms but I don’t mind the rain. I also have had a few out-of-town meetings for work and I have to drive to the office for/from those. I also play soccer twice a week with one practice.

Yoga/Stretching: I am the worst for this, but you should always stretch and foam roll after any workout. I’ve been finding I NEED to do both after a workout or I can’t sleep because my muscles are so tight. I hadn’t been to yoga in about 2 months but I’m starting to get back into it at my gym. I love it and I don’t know why I continue to stop doing it!

S.M.A.R.T. Goals: as part of my New Year’s Resolution I’ve been tracking weekly and monthly goals (such as eating more fruits and vegetables, flossing or working out) and, I hate to admit this too, I’ve been slacking. I got so busy after the wedding I was not making an effort to stay on track. I got back on track at the end of July and it’s really helpful and encouraging to cross the workout off the list!

One thought on “Fitness Series: Round-up and Fitness Apps

  1. Hi!
    It’s Ibk from Twitter 🙂
    You’ve definitely got a new reader here! I’m quite the fitness enthusiast also which led to my Master’s degree research on Improving Visualisations in Health and Fitness Apps.
    I hope you don’t mind filling my survey on these apps, it’s been quite the struggle finding fitness app users –

    Thank you once again!

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