Bratislava Planning

**Featured image is from the Lonely Planet of the Old Town.**

While I was working on my Prague Planning post, I was working out how long I would stay in each city. I checked out the distances on Google Maps and noticed that Bratislava, Slovakia was halfway between Prague and Budapest. The currency of Slovakia is the Euro, so I don’t have to work about taking out cash and not using it. It seems like it was meant to be! I checked around online, like TripAdvisor and a simple Google search and about 2 days was recommended to cover most of the city. So, I’ve decided that I’ll fly into Prague, head to Bratislava for a few days then head down to Budapest. I figured it would break up the train ride (or bus ride) nicely!

Bratislava is Slovakia’s capital on the Danube River just across the eastern Austria border (not too far from Vienna!).  I’ve checked out the usual suspects: Pinterest, Lonely Planet and I’ve asked Twitter!


I love when people make a list of the “top things to see, do, eat” etc. It makes it easy to create a quick list. However, I like reading a few lists and reading about people’s experiences before finalizing my own list.

Hand Luggage Only (also read this one for Prague)

Girl with a Saddle Bag

Lonely Planet


  1. Free walking tour (also should have been first on the list for Prague!)
  2. Bratislava Castle
  3. Church of St. Elizabeth (Bratislava’s Blue Church)
  4. Old Town
  5. Michael’s Gate
  6. Primate’s Palace
  7. Grassalkovich Palace
  8. Old Market Hall (hopefully for a Farmer’s Market)
  9. Devin Castle (not in the city but I read it was a quick bus trip for a few euros!)
  10. UFO Observation Deck (hopefully it’s a clear day when I’m there)
  11. River cruise (not typically a fan but I haven’t done one in Europe yet!)

I didn’t end up doing a MyMaps, since everything is close and within walking distance! I plan on doing the free walking tour and then wandering around, taking my time with my camera and enjoying the small, quaint city.

Have you been? Let me know what I should do in the comments!!

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