Photography Series: Camera Gear

I’ve shared this post before but I thought it would be a great repost in my Photography Series.

When I was in high school, a photography class was offered but I always had another academic classes that I put first (French and Math specifically). Fast forward more than 10 years later and I decided to invest in a DSLR. I was heading to Iceland (May 2016) and thought “Now’s the time!”. I’d gone on a trip every year since 2012 and even if I only use it for travelling I thought it would be worth the investment.

Now it’s been two years and I’m starting to get more into it – taking my camera with me on road trips and hiking adventures in case there’s something I want to try out on my camera or a stunning landscape I hope to capture. Here’s some of the camera gear I’ve bought since Iceland:

  1. Camera. The most important part! I own a Nikon D3300. At the time I thought I would start small and invest in a better camera down the road once my expertise was beyond that of the camera. (My skills are still not beyond the capabilities of the camera). I still use my iPhone a lot and recently have shared a bunch of photos on my instagram page.
  2. Lens. When I bought my camera there was a deal for an 18-55 mm lens and a 55-200 mm lens so I bought both. (In hindsight I would have just stuck with the 18-55 mm lens but I did love the 55-200 mm lens in Iceland, I just haven’t used it since). I’m still getting used to using one lens and hardly bring my second one along. I’d like to eventually get a wide angle lens, for travelling in cities where it’s harder to get the whole building!
  3. Memory Card. I did some research and online recommendations were to buy at least a 64 GB memory card, especially with video capabilities on my camera (which I’ve never used). I do need to pickup a backup one soon though!
  4. Tripod. I originally bought this tripod because it was small and could wrap around items (such as tree branch for self-timed pictures. I used it a few times in Iceland; however, my camera is too heavy for it so I picked up this full size tripod instead. It’s heavier than I anticipated so I don’t usually carry it around with me but it’s sturdy!
  5. Camera Bag. I got this bag with my camera as a deal and it’s great for every day use. However, I prefer to use a backpack for longer walks (to distribute the weight and all that) and I picked one up from Amazon and LOVE it. It’s a great size: there’s a compartment for my camera and a compartment for other items (such as wallet and glasses case) so it’s a perfect personal item size for the plane! It came with a rain protector (which I haven’t had to use) and multiple pockets to store things like my camera remote, battery or extra memory cards.
  6. Other Gadgets. I bought a remote control for my camera from Amazon and I highly recommend picking one up! You’ll want it for long exposure shots (so you don’t jostle your camera) and I’ve used it to take group pictures. I also bought some lenses for my iPhone (includes a Macro lens, wide angle lens, fish lens and telephoto lens). I recently used the macro lens in Prince Edward County (in my post here).
  7. Photo Editing. I use Lightroom – I have the app on my phone and use it on my computer as well. I typically enhance colours and don’t change the photo too much.

Do you have any recommendations for gear for an amateur photographer? I’m still learning and all tips are appreciated!

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