New Year’s Resolution Update 2

How is it halfway through summer already?? Here’s the second update on my New Year’s resolutions. You can check out my goals here and my last update here.

Get Healthy

May was a difficult month: I moved into a new apartment and work was insanely busy so I had a hard time staying on top of my S.M.A.R.T. goals. I did really well with choosing healthier meals, even with my busy schedule, but had difficulty with the fitness and mental health aspects. Workouts were a lower priority than getting my apartment organized and I ended up watching WAY more Netflix than normal. So, the last week of May I decided that I would watch NO Netflix and focus on listening to music, reading or going for a bike ride to get back on track with exercise and mental health. I have to say though: even though I slacked in the workout department I managed to lose a few pounds by eating healthier.

June I focused on biking to work a minimum of 3 times/week to work on preparing for my 75 km bike ride. To do this, I finally took my new bike in to MEC for an adjustment and it made a world of difference! It’s crazy how much better my bike ride is on this bike rather than a Supercycle. It’s made cycling around the city way more enjoyable.

I did NOT make use of my gym membership but they released a new program for small personal training sessions that I’m going to look in to. I need to get back to strength training, not just cardio and that will be my focus for the next few months.

Travel Locally

April: C and I spent a weekend exploring Ottawa. We finally did the Parliament Tour, went to the War Museum and out for dinner to a new restaurant (Ottawa’s only speakeasy). I also took a tour of Rideau Hall (the Governor General of Canada’s house) – I need to get the name of her decorator.


May: I went to Montreal for a weekend with K and C and had a blast! I also explored Ottawa trying to get some good photos of the Tulip Festival.


June: (was a super busy month). J is getting married in July so we had her bachelorette party the first weekend of June in Toronto. (I’ll be doing a post about some weddings at the end of the summer!) I also got the opportunity to go to Edmonton for three days for work. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time there working but I did manage to get some time to explore and check another capital of Canada off my bucket list. I also made it to Algonquin Park for some camping and hiking and then flew back to Alberta for a week for more wedding stuff.


30 Wears

I started a spreadsheet of all the clothing (including shoes, accessories, etc.) that I’ve purchased this year as well as all the items I’ve sold or donated. At the beginning of April I made a large clothing purchase and returned it all. After I took it home I realized it was totally unnecessary for me to purchase more so I took it all back. Then, in May I bought a few more tops and returned them all too.

There were a few items I did NEED to replace: a new pair of soccer cleats (my old ones were literally falling apart at the seams), a new pair of sports shorts (my old ones were also very worn) and new pajamas (also literally falling apart at the seams).

I purchased a new pair of heels for J’s wedding and a new pair of heels unlike anything I currently own so I decided to keep them. I also bought a pair of white jeans from Kijiji (regularly $300 and got them for $30) and it was a 1.5 hour bike ride to get them so I’ve justified it. I also purchased a new sports bra from Lululemon (it was sale 50% off) and it is amazing! I’ll be on the lookout for another one.

I use the Stylebook app to track how often I wear items. At the end of the year, I plan on doing a closet cleanout and get rid of items I do not wear often enough.

How are your resolutions going? Have you forgotten them already? Let me know in the comments below!

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