Prince Edward County Planning

I signed up for the 75 km MS Bike ride in Prince Edward County in July and am heading back the weekend after to spend some time in one of Ontario’s wine counties with four friends.

Weekend 1: MS Bike

The MS Bike in PEC is the first weekend in July so I decided to make the best of it by spending the afternoon in the area. Last year’s MS Bike was an amazing bike ride and I kept wishing I had my camera on me. This year, I’m going to leave home early to stop along the 1000 Islands Parkway to catch the sunrise before heading to PEC for the ride (which starts at 8 AM so it’ll be a long day!)

After the bike ride, I’m planning to head to the Lavender Festival. I found out about it last year the day after the MS bike and couldn’t make it but hopefully the weather is nice to spend some time at the farm. (& maybe this post will give you some time to head there yourself!)

I plan on bringing this dress to take a few remote controlled photos (hopefully they turn out!). I bought it from Aritzia a few summers ago and I think it will look great against the purple lavender!

Weekend 2: Wine Tour

The Friday after the MS Bike I’ll be heading back to Prince Edward County for a weekend with friends and to enjoy lots of wine. There are a few wine tours in the area but unlike Niagara Falls there weren’t any groupon deals.

I wanted to confirm we could do a wine tour before booking accommodations so after everyone confirmed they could come for the weekend, I searched online for the best wine tours in Prince Edward County. I had a bit of a panic moment when all wine tours were showing as booked for the weekend online! The PEC Wine Tours had an online form you could fill out to try to book a tour OR you could call them so I called and they had a spot for the five of us for a half day tour! Phew. They asked on the phone where we were staying for pickup and I explained I had wanted to book a tour first and she said it was not a problem to let them know later! PERFECT.

The wine tour includes: transportation for the afternoon, pickup and drop off to your accommodation, 5 wineries and 3-5 wine tasting per winery.

Next I looked into accommodations: there were tons of houses on Airbnb for the weekend and with 5 of us it was the best option. There are a few other cute B&B’s in the area but for a girls weekend a house is ideal. Plus, we’ll have a kitchen to make food and a backyard patio to spend the evening.

With the wine tour booked and accommodations confirmed, it’s a weekend I’m greatly looking forward to! Have you been to Prince Edward County? What’s your favourite thing to do?

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