Photography Series: All About Focus

I’m working on updating my photography skills so I’m starting a new Friday series for photography on the first Friday of every month. I find it difficult to balance photography among all my other obligations: work, social life, family, soccer and fitness but it’s all about finding balance in my life and making time for it.

It can be disheartening to see all these beautiful, amazing photos on Instagram and wonder how I’ll get there but it’s all about practice. Everyone starts at the bottom and I’m still working on getting better!

With that, I thought I’d share a few photos I’ve taken recently to show the importance of FOCUS. By changing the focus (either manually on your camera or tapping different places on your phone camera) you can completely change the composition of a photo.

These two photos are taken in the exact same position, I just adjusted the focus.



This one I took on my iPhone (I was out for a long bike ride and don’t bring my Nikon with me). I tapped on the tulip in the bottom right about 10 times before the photo turned out. iPhones like to automatically focus so you don’t quite get the blurred background like the two photos above.


The two photos below were focusing on the glasses in the foreground. Focus gives the viewer a sharp crisp subject to focus on and stand out from the background (or foreground!)



From the top of the Victory Tower


Another example of focusing on the background (which is one of my favourite pictures from the Tulip Festival):


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