Ottawa Tulip Festival 2018

Another year, another Tulip Festival! (You can check out my post from last year here). You know spring has sprung when the tulips bloom in Ottawa. My mood immediately brightens when I see tulips blooming throughout the city. Even just seeing them in a neighbour’s garden makes me happy.

This is my third year checking out the tulips and every year I learn more about the festival. You can check out the tulips at so many places around the city including Parliament Hill, Majors Hill Park and Dow’s Lake. Check out some more information here at what’s going on at each location.

My favourite part is, of course, the tulips. Last year they had a Canada 150 specialty tulip and I saw them make an appearance again this year. So far, I’ve only had a chance to check out the tulips at Parliament Hill. I’ll update this post periodically as I get a chance to see the tulips in different locations.

Here’s what you came for: some pictures of the tulips!

My first stop was Parliament Hill. I tried a few different angles including laying on my back to get a few from below!





My second stop was just up the street near the experimental farm. It was a large bed of tulips and they are so beautiful!!

img_3307img_3312img_3311img_3313img_3290My third stop was on Victoria Day and I went for a bike ride along the Rideau Canal. On my way back I stopped at Dow’s Lake and Commissioners Park, and a few flower beds along the way!


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