Algonquin Park Planning

I am SO excited to finally be making my way to Algonquin Provincial Park this summer. I haven’t been camping in ages and I have never been hiking in Algonquin Provincial Park.

The last time I went camping I ran into a porcupine on my way to the bathroom. Luckily it was more afraid of me and ran away before I knew what happened! Could’ve been a prickly situation, that’s for sure!

Algonquin Provincial Park

The park is over 7,500 km² with numerous outdoor activities to do including: canoeing, kayaking, hiking and camping. Thursday night last week I had a public meeting for work and one of the attendees suggested I check out the Barron Canyon Trail. Guess what? It’s an easily accessible trail from one of the campsites I was looking at. SOLD! I plan to book the site this week (after checking with everyone else that they’re okay with the site).

The campsite is within a 3 hour drive from Ottawa so it’ll be a nice getaway from the city. Last year we had so much rain this time of year so I’m hoping it’ll be a little drier. If not, I’ll try to be prepared!

There’s lots more information on their website.


I haven’t been camping in years so I need to rely on friends for most of the equipment for this trip (think tents, sleeping bags, cooler for food etc.). We’ll take an inventory of who has what this weekend in Montreal and we can rent everything else from MEC (if need be). If I go more often this year I may think about investing in some camping equipment but for now renting is the way to go for me.


I haven’t developed a list yet but I know bug spray and sunscreen will be at the top! I’ll have to make sure to charge my camera battery before heading out Friday after work.

Have you been to Algonquin Provincial Park? Or camping more recently than me? Share your best camping story below!

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