Montreal Planning

My best friend’s birthday is early May so we made plans to head to Montreal for the weekend. Even though I’ve been numerous times, I thought this time I could plan it like a real tourist and experience it as a “new person”. (Plus, it gives me some great blog content to plan it out and share it with you).


The cheapest accommodations normally go in this order: couch surfing, hostel, hotel. However, when travelling with two or more people, it’s often more cost effective to get a hotel room. A hostel charges per bed while a hotel charges per room. Also, we’ll be driving to Montreal so parking would be required and very few hostels had parking available!

In Montreal, a hostel bed is $80-$100/night (i.e. per person) whereas a hotel room in the same area was less than $200/night. With three of us going for a weekend, it makes the most sense to split a hotel suite between us.

Day Activities

We have one full day in the city so time is limited! I used my usual research methods (Pinterest, TripAdvisor and Atlas Obscura) to round up a few places to check out.

  1. Mount Royal for a picnic lunch (weather permitting)
  2. Saint Joseph’s Oratory
  3. Wander Old Montreal Port
  4. Montreal Biosphère
  5. Château Ramezay
  6. Notre-Dame Basilica
  7. Lachine Canal
  8. Beaver Lake (weather permitting)
  9. Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral
  10. Montreal City Hall
  11. Montreal Clock Tower

Night Activities

We have two nights in the city (Friday and Saturday) and birthday drinks are a must. Online recommendations include:

  1. Mile End, Montreal
  2. Quartier Latin, Montreal (for birthday drinks)
  3. Wander Old Montreal Port (for night pictures).


  1. Schwartz for the best smoked meat.
  2. Bonsecours Market (to pick up food for a picnic, weather permitting).
  3. Poutine. A MUST when visiting Canada and Quebec in particular. A delicious dish of fries, cheese curd and gravy. #drooling

Do you have any suggestions for things to do, places to see or restaurants to dine in?? Let me know in the comments.

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