Cycling Weather is Here!

I’m so excited – nicer weather (i.e. cycling weather) is finally approaching! I haven’t been outside on a bike since October 20, 2017 – I got hit by a car and got injured and then winter hit so it’s been a while!

After 15 years of owning the same bicycle, I FINALLY upgraded. The reason for not upgrading sooner was that my SuperCycle was fine for my short bike rides to/from work, to pick up groceries or to visit friends in the city. However, after cycling in the MS Bike in July 2017 I realized my abilities have exceeded those of my old, rusty bike.

I’ve signed up for the MS Bike for my second year in a row and can’t wait to get out on my new bike. It’ll be a much easier 75 km bike with this new one rather than my 15 year old Supercycle.

I picked up this bike from MEC. After researching a LOT online, I went into my local MEC store to talk to someone about a new bike. The great thing about purchasing from MEC is that, with a qualifying bicycle, one year of tune-ups is included as well as an initial “fitting” appointment. They recommend you try out your bike a few times before heading in for the fitting appointment in order to have a good grasp on what needs to be adjusted. I’m excited to get out more and complete longer rides!

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