Burg Eltz

This castle is a photographer’s dream, with major Harry Potter vibes. Depending on when you decide to visit, the mood of the castle changes but it’s every bit as magical on a warm summer’s day or a cold winter’s morning. Eltz Castle (or better known as Burg Eltz: “burg” in German is “castle” in English) is a medieval castle that has been owned by the same family for 33 generations. The castle is set in beautiful hills surrounded by forests that offer amazing hikes and views of the castle from above.

Woman in tan wool coat standing in front of the Burg Eltz Castle in Germany

Where is Burg Eltz Castle

The Burg Eltz Castle is located in Wierschem, Germany between Koblenz and Trier. It is about a 1.5 hour drive from Cologne, a 30 minute drive from Koblenz and just over 1.5 hours from Frankfurt.

How to Get To Burg Eltz

You can arrive at the castle by car, train or bus and you can either walk from the parking lot or take a shuttle bus. It is about halfway between Cologne and Frankfurt (1.5 hours from each city) and you can drive along the Rhine River for a scenic drive. There are two footpaths from the parking lot (about a 15 minute walk), a 12.6 km hike along the Eltz Castle Panorama Trail (for seasoned hikers), or four other hikes ranging from 1.7 km to 9 km (see here).

Burg Eltz medieval castle on a hill in Germany
Burg Eltz Castle entrance with towers of the castle in the background
Burg Eltz Castle as seen from above looking down into the hills

History Lesson

How old is Burg Eltz Castle?

The castle is over 800 years old. The oldest part of the castle is the flag hall. The castle has remained in the Eltz family since the 1100’s.

When was Burg Eltz built?

The construction of Burg Eltz was completed in 1520.

Who built the Burg Eltz Castle?

Johann zu Eltz. The son of Wilhelm built the first five storeys of what the “RĂ¼benach House” in 1311.

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