Burg Eltz

You can read more about my trip to Germany here and here.

While preparing for my trip to Germany I stumbled across this castle on Instagram. If you check out the “Location” you see all these amazing pictures in all seasons of this castle. I am officially obsessed!

Turns out, it was only a 1.5 hr drive from Cologne, so my friend drove us down to the castle to drool over it in person. I thought I’d share my experience at the castle (but you can check out more specifics here).

The castle closes for the winter season (probably to do renovations and repairs in the slower season) so unfortunately we were only able to see the outside. But it did not disappoint! We parked at the lower footpath and walked for about 15 minutes down to the castle. You come around the corner and the castle is beautifully set on a hill with a stream and forest in the background.

Burg Eltz in Germany
View of the castle as you step out of the trees
Getting closer
This angle is seen often on the Instagram Location.

We wandered down the stairs to view the castle from another angle, then walked back up the steep road to see the castle from above. There are hiking trails around the castle and we saw a young family hiking away from us. If we had more time (and proper hiking attire) I would have loved to have done the hike. I’m still so happy with what we got to do though!


Have you been to Burg Eltz, or another castle? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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