Germany and Netherlands Fitness

You can check out specifics on the rest of my trip here, here and here.

While we ended up taking way more public transit than I have when travelling in the past, we still walked a ton! We picked up a few day passes for using the public transit system in Berlin, and we took the subway a few times in Cologne but we didn’t use the transit system in Amsterdam. Here’s a summary of the steps/km and flights we took on our trip:

Day 1 (Berlin): 20, 340 steps (11.8 km), 27 flights of stairs
Day 2 (Berlin): 23, 253 steps (14.2 km), 19 flights of stairs
Day 3 (Berlin): 22, 624 steps (13.9 km), 35 flights of stairs
Day 4 (Cologne): 18, 594 steps (11.5 km), 15 flights of stairs
Day 5 (Cologne): 19, 479 steps (12.1 km), 21 flights of stairs
Day 6 (Amsterdam): 24,147 steps (14.6 km), 11 flights of stairs
Day 7 (Amsterdam): 19, 104 steps (11.8 km), 3 flights of stairs

Since fitness is not only exercise, but diet too, I feel the need to talk about my food choices. However, my choices were made purely on what looked good/what national dishes needed to be tried so it’s certainly nothing to be proud of!

This trip I was better at not eating if I wasn’t hungry but we definitely enjoyed the food and drinks. That’s what this trip was about though – catching up with long distance friends and enjoying the Christmas Markets!

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