Atlas Obscura: Amsterdam

The day is almost here! I’m heading on my next adventure soon with a few friends from high school and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been itching to get away again for some time now.

It’s off to Berlin, Cologne and Amsterdam! I’ve never been to any of these cities and I’ve only spent a day in Germany on a trip I went on about 10 years ago. As my final planning post for this trip, I present the Atlas Obscura list for Amsterdam!

1. Electric Ladyland: The Museum of Fluorescent Art. “The world’s only museum devoted to the wonders of fluorescence.”
2. Nieuwe Spiegelstraat. “An Amsterdam street lined with antique shops each one dedicated to a different obscure collection.”
3. The Torture Museum. “Museum preserving torture methods from the past.”
4. Museum Vrolik. “An anatomical collection dedicated to human mutants.”
5. KattenKabinet. “Cat art as far as the eye can see.”
6. Micropia. “The world’s first zoo for microbes collecting the horrible and wonderful things living on and around us. ”
7. Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. “Established in 1638 to battle the Black Death, Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is a treasure trove of rare flora.”
8. De Poezenboot (The Cat Boat). “A floating cat sanctuary on an Amsterdam canal.”
9. In’t Aepjen. “This historic Amsterdam bar used to accept sailor’s monkeys as payment.”
10. Our Lord in the Attic. “The attic of a four-century-old canal house hides a clandestine church.”
11. Theater Tuschinski. “A beautifully eclectic mix of architectural styles.”
12. A’DAM Lookout and Over The Edge Swing. “This 22-floor tower’s Skydeck offers panoramic views of Amsterdam.”
13.  The Little Woodcutter. “This unattributed sculpture in Amsterdam is hiding in plain sight.”
14. Oude Kerk. “Amsterdam’s oldest church, and the center of Dutch prostitution.”
15. Tassen Museum of Bags and Purses. “The largest collection of handbags in the world, the oldest of which were used to carry Bibles, primarily by men.”
16. Stichting Nationaal Brilmuseum. “The spectacular history of spectacles on display.”
17. The House with The Blood Stains. “The former home of a mad diplomat is said to still be marked in bloody, arcane scrawls.”
18. Biblioteca Ets Haim. “The world’s oldest Jewish library was founded by Sephardic Jews in 17th century Amsterdam.”
19. Pianola Museum. “A unique collection of gilded age mechanical pianos.”
20. Bijbels Museum. “A collection of biblical memorabilia.”
21. Amsterdam Oersoep. “A Dutch passageway’s artistic, aquatic-themed makeover pays tribute to the capital city’s famed waterways.”
22. Betondorp. “This 1920s Amsterdam neighborhood was built as a giant experiment in concrete construction.”
23. Homomonument. “Three connected pink triangles memorialize persecuted gays and lesbians throughout history.”

Do you have any suggestions for things to add to this list? Let me know!

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