Atlas Obscura: Cologne

If you’ve been following along, I’ve done a few posts about my upcoming trip to Berlin, Cologne and Amsterdam. I’m getting so excited about visiting the Christmas Markets in Germany, meeting up with old friends and cycling along the canals in Amsterdam.

If you’re new, I’ve blogged about Atlas Obscura before here. It’s an amazing resource to find the hidden treasures in a new city. Cologne has a total of 6 “unusual things” to do on the website. Here they are!

1. Church of St. Ursula. “A church filled with the bones of hundreds of virgins martyrs—or so they say.”
2. Cologne’s Love Locks Bridge. “Thousands of tourists and residents in Cologne affix “love padlocks” on the Hohenzollernbrücke Bridge to symbolize their affections.”
3. Chandelier Hall. “An elegant chandelier hangs over this ancient sewer chamber, now open for concerts and public tours.”
4. St. Petersglocke. “The largest bell in the world has been swinging high above a Cologne cathedral for almost a century.”
5. Secret Grave in the Pylon of Severinsbrücke Bridge. “The body of at least one victim of a construction accident was left behind in the collapsed pylon, buried under tons of concrete.”
6. Bayer Cross. “Largest illuminated advertisement sign in the world.”

Do you have any other suggestions for visiting Cologne? I’d love to hear about them and add them to my itinerary!

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