Germany and Netherlands Packing

I’m heading off to Germany (Berlin and Cologne) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) soon. Now that I have a general idea of what my friends and I will be up to, I can start planning what to bring!

The cheapest WOWair flight includes only a personal item, which means you are charged a fee for a carry-on for each flight (i.e. double the fee for a round trip). In the interest of saving money, I decided to opt-out of paying for a carry-on which means packing light, rewearing items and not packing an extra pair of shoes, an extra coat, multiple outfits that “I might wear” etc. We’ll see how it goes!

I recently picked up this bag from Amazon that fits in the Personal Size requirements for WOWair. It has a separate compartment for my camera and camera gear which will stop my camera from getting knocked by all my other travel essentials (like clothes, electronics and toiletries). Also, in the case that any of my toiletries spill or explode, my camera should be safe.

I always make an “ideal” packing list. If I had no luggage restrictions, what would I bring? For this trip I would’ve liked to have packed multiple coats, numerous scarves, a second pair of shoes, a pair of booties and a few types of outfits. For the tiny amount of space I’ve given myself, that’s not possible! So, I’ve brought it down to the following items.


The temperature in Berlin is expected to be around 0°-4°C and rainy or snowy and the Netherlands is expected to be around 1°- 7°C and not as wet as Berlin. Staying warm and dry will be a must!

  1. I have this wool/cashmere coat from Aritzia. I love the huge hood and huge pockets. It also has an internal pocket to store my phone/valuables.
  2. This yellow puffer jacket from Aritzia. It adds extra warmth and will stand out in pictures. It also comes with a little bag to stuff the coat in when I’m not wearing it.
  3. Two toques from a local store. I opted out of bringing a scarf because my coat has a great high neck. Hopefully I don’t regret it!
  4. Texting gloves from the dollar store. I wouldn’t want to lose my nice winter ones!
  5. An umbrella (if it fits).


I like to create a “Clothing Capsule” when travelling with limited space: a minimal amount of clothing pieces to create a variety of outfits. This mean matching colours, similar styles and packing lots of layers. I’ll be travelling for a total of 8 days, so I’ve packed 2 bottoms, 3 tops, 2 jackets, 1 dress and 1 pair of shoes.

  1. I picked up these in olive green. I try not to purchase new items just for one trip but I can wear these work (plus they’re so comfortable and they look nicer than leggings or sweats).
  2. I have these pants from Aritzia. They are so comfortable, pack up tightly, don’t wrinkle, are high-waisted and look great.
  3. Sticking with colours to match green and black pants, I’ll be bring one white tshirt, one black long sleeve shirt, and one white blouse. I can layer the t-shirts with the blouses or wear each on their own.
  4. I’ve decided to bring one dress with a warm pair of tights. I can wear it with the white blouse and/or a pair of pants.
  5. White converse. Honestly, they’re great for walking around in for hours and they look stylish.

With the above items, not including outerwear, I have 16 outfit combinations. That’s plenty for 8 days of travelling!outfit-1.jpg

Other Essentials

The “other” things that I’ll definitely need for my own comfort include:

  1. Warm socks. Travelling with cold feet is awful so I try to pack lots of warm socks for the day and one pair of wool socks for back at the hostel.
  2. Toiletries. Everything in travel size! Don’t forget your: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, face wash, moisturizer, makeup (if you need it), a comb/brush, hair products etc.
  3. Towel. You can rent a towel at most hostels but I prefer bringing my own.
  4. Electronics and their chargers. This will include my camera, iPhone and Kobo. I will make sure my Kobo is fully charged before the trip so I don’t have to bring an extra charger.
  5. Universal adapter.
  6. An extra bag. The hostels have lockers so I plan to store my extra clothes in a locker rather than lugging everything around during the day. Also, if I find something I absolutely must have, I can pay for a carry-on on the way home for an extra bag.
  7. Pajamas.

I have yet to do a test pack to see if everything fits so I may have to remove a few things. But, having done this a few times, I’m pretty confident I’ll get it all to fit. It’ll be tight if I find any souvenirs to bring back but I’ll make it work!

2 thoughts on “Germany and Netherlands Packing

  1. I’m definitely following this as a guide for my packing as well. We’ll see how that goes because I usually am very bad at packing light haha. Thanks for the tips!

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