Amsterdam Planning

You can check out my planning posts for Berlin (here) and Cologne (here). The featured image has been borrowed from Lonely Planet.

The third leg of the trip will be Amsterdam, Netherlands. I know a few people who have been and they’ve raved about it. As discussed previously, I love using Pinterest and MyMaps (a Google Maps function) to plan what to see, do and eat. The plan is to spend the last 2 full days of the trip in the city, mostly wandering around and checking out a few museums. I’m hoping the weather will be nice enough to enjoy a canal boat tour.

Here’s my list of my top “Must-sees (or dos)”:

  1. Rent a bicycle and bike along the canals – weather depending of course!
  2. Rijksmuseum.
  3. Van Gogh Museum.
  4. Anne Frank Museum. You have to book tickets pretty far in advance so I’ve marked it on my calendar to get them ASAP.
  5. Take a canal boat tour – again, weather depending.
  6. Rembrandt House Museum.
  7. Pllek beach. I’ll need to grab a hot chocolate for this one.
  8. This bicycle tour (who doesn’t love cheese??)

Am I missing anything? Let me know if you have any specific suggestions!

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