Cologne Planning

**Featured image is not mine, I grabbed it from here.

After Berlin (see here and here), some friends and I will be stopping in Cologne. My Canadian friends and I will be visiting a friend who did an exchange at my high school for a semester so it’ll be an international high school reunion! Since we’re visiting a local there isn’t much for me to plan: I’d rather get a local’s perspective on their hometown since she’ll know best! I still can’t help but check out what there is to see and if there’s anything I absolutely won’t want to miss.

The plan is to stay in the city one day and take a road trip to visit some castles/sites another day. I’ve made a MyMaps here of a few castles in the area. My list of “Must-sees” for the city include:

  1. Cologne Cathedral. Again, I can never tire of cathedrals and it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Biergarten Rathenauplatz. A beer garden!
  3. Lindt Chocolate Museum. Yes please!
  4. Lindenthaler Tierpark
  5. Rhine Promenade and Deutzer Bridge

Let me know if you have any suggestions (food, places to see, things to do, anything!). What’s your favourite thing to do in the city?

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