Next up: Germany and Netherlands

Next up: Germany and the Netherlands. Why there?

Short version

Cheap flights, Christmas markets and visiting friends.

Long version

Vacation hours are limited and I originally thought the Christmas break would be a perfect time to plan another trip. ¬†I started browsing flight prices and hostel prices and it was way more expensive to fly during the Christmas season. This wasn’t news but if I could plan the same trip a month in advance for half the cost, wouldn’t that be the smartest option?

I started looking into flying a month before or after the holidays and came across a cheap, roundtrip¬†flight to Europe at the end of November. I made a comparison of round trip flights vs. individual flights, factoring in the time it would take to get from one city to another (i.e. if it was $20-$50 CAD more expensive to fly into Berlin and out of Amsterdam rather than a roundtrip to either city, doesn’t it make sense to get an extra day in one city rather than travelling back and forth? You’d pay that in travel expenses anyway!). The price was right and a couple of friends decided to come with me.

We settled on flying into Berlin and out of Amsterdam to arrive in time for the Christmas markets. It’s the perfect time to pick up a few gifts, enjoy a new country with friends and get into the Christmas spirit.

Bonus: a friend of mine from high school lives in Cologne so we are planning on meeting her in Berlin, saying our goodbyes in Cologne and heading to Amsterdam for a few days before leaving to enjoy the Christmas cheer in Canada.


Stay tuned for planning posts coming up. If you have any suggestions for things to do in Berlin, Cologne or Amsterdam, send them along. They’re always appreciated!

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