Favourite Photos (& Why)

I’m still getting to know my camera (a Nikon D3300) but I thought I’d show you some of my favourite photos and why I love them so much. There’s more behind photography than just snapping a pretty picture. While I haven’t yet looked into editing programs, I still think about things like angles, colours and focus. Check out some of my pictures below and let me know what you think!

This one is all about the focus: the contrast between the sharpness on the foreground flower and the blurriness of the background. (Tulip Festival, Ottawa, Canada)
I like this one for the angle. I laid down on the ground to shoot the tree from below and capture the cathedral in the background. (Southwark Cathedral, London, England)
I noticed someone else taking a picture from this viewpoint and came circling back. I love the brightness and symmetry here. (St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland)
I think I took about 20 photos of the water splashing on the rocks. I chose this one because of the close-up of the columns in the foreground vs. the background. (Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland)
This one is about half-and-half: half sky and half the subject. (Carrick-a-rede Bridge, Northern Ireland)
I love the road through the middle third of the photo, the intertwining branches in the upper half although the main reason I love this one is all thanks to nature. (Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland)
I looked back along my walk across Westminster Bridge and caught a glimpse of a bus passing with the London Eye in the background. I thought it was such a great mix of “London” things I stood on the bridge for about 15 minutes waiting for this shot. People were walking in front of me, traffic was on both sides of the bus and would block either the bus or the London Eye. It finally came together! (Westminster Bridge, London, England)
I had found an article about “The best places to take photos in London” and taking a picture of Big Ben and Parliament from Southbank was one of the locations. This one didn’t disappoint! (Southbank, London, England)
This is one of my favourites. I love the pop of colour at the bottom and the focus on the Cathedral. The grass is lush, the Cathedral is magnificent and laying down to get this shot was worth it. (St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, England)
This one is on here for the symmetry. The cables extending through the top of the photo is what does it for me. (Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, USA)


I love how you have to follow the waterfall from the top of the picture to the bottom. It also reminds me of the feeling of accomplishment getting to this point on the hike (it was the most terrifying hike of my life). (Glymur Waterfall, Iceland)
Capturing both the waterfalls and the mountain with the mix of blues and green makes this shot a winner in my books! (Kirkjufell, Iceland)
The angle is interesting on this one – I wanted to capture the main waterfall with the little waterfalls downstream. (Dynjandi “Thundering Noise” Waterfall, Iceland)
This is one of those “Outfits matches the scenery” pictures. The umbrella draws your eye to the middle of the photo but doesn’t take away from the Glaciers. (Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland)
The sky in this one is so blue, especially contrasted with the white-cap mountains. This was one of those moments we pulled to the side of the road to take pictures. (Iceland)
The focus on the inside of the tulip and the blurry background is why this one is on the list. (Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada)
Puffins bury into the sides of cliffs so in order to capture this shot I had to crawl to the edge of the cliff on my belly (to distribute the weight). This little guy is so cute so it’s less my photography skills and more the subject that puts this one on the list. (Látrabjarg Cliffs, Iceland)
Again, I think the subject is better than my skills but I couldn’t keep this one off the list! (Puffins at Látrabjarg, Iceland)

3 thoughts on “Favourite Photos (& Why)

  1. I may be biased, but I think the one of Kirkufellfoss and the puffin snuggling himself are my favourites!! They are all awesome though, good choices 🙂 happy shooting!

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  2. Hey Darcie. When you mentioned you had a blog, I thought I’d check in. Wow! Fantastic photos. You are a talented photographer, as well as soccer player. Thanks for sharing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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