Stand Out Colours

**Some of the links in this post are through an affiliate program**.

My favourite pictures on my instagram feed are of stunning landscapes with someone in a bright yellow jacket. A close second are pictures with people matching the scenery Рa red dress in a poppy field (my favourite blogger) or blue and white in Greece.

Keeping my budget small for trips forces me to pack light and coordinate my outfits with each other rather than the scenery. So, I picked out this jacket to take with me to Europe in March earlier this year (2017). It’s a light jacket, packs small and was in my price range but unfortunately wasn’t waterproof. I’m still on the hunt for an affordable waterproof jacket so if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

My alternative is this bright pink Columbia Jacket that I bought for biking in the Canadian snow. It’s bright (so it makes me much more visible on my bike on dark mornings) and warm so it was perfect for Iceland.

I’ve shared a few pictures below of my “pop of colour” pictures and hope to improve them with practice and more travelling (clearly dreading that last part).

Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland
Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. This one is self-timed so a little more difficult to get perfect!
Kerid Crater in Iceland
Lava caves in Iceland.
Glacier Lagoon in Iceland.

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