My Gym Workouts

Part of my goal for my blog is to discuss fitness. I thought I would share with you my gym workouts. My warm-up normally consists of 10 minutes on the bike (or my 15 minute bike to the gym). All exercises are completed in 3 sets of 12 reps (i.e. I perform each exercise 12 times, rest, and repeat two more times). Each stretch is held for at least 1 minute (I use a timer).


Assisted lat pull-ups
Assisted chin-ups
French Press
Skull Crushers
Chest Press
Tricep Dips
Bicep Curls
Shoulder Press


Weighted squats
Box jumps
Weighted Step-ups
Russian Split Lunges
Bosu Ball Lunges
Weighted one leg up/down
Kettle Ball Swing
Wall Sits


40 sit-ups
40 toe touches
25 side crunches each side
25 leg raises
25 side leg raises
25 reverse crunches
40 russian twists
50 bicycles
50 Mountain climbers
1 minute plank
45 second side plank


I try to practice yoga daily – with the amount of activity I do I need to de-stress and give my body a chance to loosen up. I use the Down Dog app and often choose a restorative yoga sequence. On top of that, after every cardio session and resistance session I stretch.
Seated Hamstring Stretch (both sides)
Butterfly Stretch
Seated Quadricep Stretch
Calf Stretch
Twisting Buttock Stretch
Pretzel Stretch
Shoulder Stretch
Tricep Stretch

Do you use weights at the gym or prefer cardio? If you have any suggested exercises to add to my routine, please let me know!

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