Photography Tips from an Amateur

This is my first photography post! I’ve just started using my Nikon D3300* DSLR camera in manual mode and with the wealth of information out there I find it hard to sift through it all. I picked up the “For Dummies*” book to help get me started. Here are a few tips and photo comparisons for other amateurs (like me) out there.

Auto Mode

Since I’m still getting used to the settings in manual mode, I like to start by taking a shot in auto mode. That way if, when I look back through pictures, I forgot to change a setting I would have a picture I would take without knowing how to use manual mode.

Auto Focus  – Focuses on the centre of the image
Manual Focus – Focusing on the close flower to blur the background

Check the picture

Always check the picture after you take it. Take a look at the overall picture – do you like the angle? Is the picture in focus? Is the exposure too high/low? You can’t judge these by looking through the viewfinder. Which leads me to my next point.

Check your settings

Check the settings when you turn your camera back on. I caught myself a few times without the autofocus on/didn’t focus the camera myself or with the exposure too high/low so the picture was completely white or black!

Different Angles

I love crouching down to see landscapes/buildings in a different view. It adds perspective that you may not get from taking a picture straight on. I’m a big fan of symmetry in photos but it’s fun to take a picture to align the picture to the right or left. See below for a few examples!


I sat down in the middle of the road for this one
I laid down to capture the flowers and St. Paul’s Cathedral in the same shot

Do you have any other basic tips for amateurs like me?

*Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. All opinions expressed are my own and items have been previously purchased by myself.

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