My First Solo Travel Experience

Let me start by saying I LOVED IT. This was my first trip where I was completely on my own – no friends to meet at my destination, no one else to travel with, just myself. Here’s my experience travelling solo.

  1. Planning. So easy. I was on my own schedule so organizing 13 hour days, making choices on where to go/what to see and booking flights/ hostels/ tours was all up to me. If there was something I wanted to do, I would do it. The flip side was the same – if I felt like NOT doing something, I didn’t feel obligated! Making last minute decisions wasn’t an issue.
  2. Budget. The budget of the trip was what I wanted to spend. When travelling with others you may have to adjust your budget to fit the needs/wants of your fellow travellers.
  3. Safety. I never once felt unsafe or worried about my well-being while travelling in London, Dublin or Belfast. Granted, I’m not one to wander around at night by myself but none-the-less I never felt like I made a wrong turn down the wrong road.
  4. Loneliness. I spend most of my free time alone so this wasn’t an issue for me until the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Eating dinner at a restaurant by myself didn’t bother me until I was in Dublin where most people were travelling with friends or family. I made it through, but I think solo festival travelling will not be in my near future. Most days were jam packed with activities so it mostly wasn’t an issue.
  5. Meeting people. Everyone I met was so friendly and it seemed easier to meet people by myself than when I’ve travelled with others. Others seemed more inclined to approach me on this trip than in the past and I met lots of other solo travellers!
  6. Mood. I was grumpy my second night in London because I was tired and sore and ended up sitting down a lot on my walk back! Travelling alone I was able to be grumpy and keep to myself.

All-in-all I plan to travel alone again in the near(ish) future. It’s definitely an experience I enjoyed and would love to see other sides of solo travelling.

Where do you recommend travelling solo? Or would like to travel solo? Let me know!

If you missed it, check out London here and here, Northern Ireland and Dublin.

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4 thoughts on “My First Solo Travel Experience

      1. Well, I have only lived and travelled through China, but it is so convenient, safe and cheap to do that there. People can be a little bit rude in some cities, especially taxi drivers who won’t understand you and can’t read our letters. So if you ever happen to be in China or other Asian countries, make sure to have a printout or a screenshot of the place you wanna go to in chinese characters.
        Taiwan is also a great place for solo-travellers. The locals are way friendlier than the ones in Mainland China, so if you wanna have a taste of China, Taiwan might be the perfect start.

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